What Success Need

Do you sometimes feel like this?

In this day online, we are faced with information overload. If we take in everything we find on the internet, we’ll get ourselves cluttered with too many things and hindered from what is needed for our online business.

There must be an easier way. A way to get just what is needed.

Indeed there is. Below is what success online need.

1. Mindset of Success

First, we need to know…

We are not too old. The best days are ahead of us.
We are not too unhealthy. What is our health was yesterday, today it can be better.
We are not too stupid. Attitude is more important than smartness.

Know we can dream bigger and set goals for what we want in our lives. If we set goals, our mind sets us up to move towards those goals. Otherwise we will miss 100% the goals we do not set. So think about goals and write them down. How many? It doesn’t matter, just make sure its what you really really want in your life.

2. Know Our Unique Values

We are not an accident. We are not randomly put here to survive. We are unique masterpieces created for something greater and more special than we can imagine.

When we are unique and special, we will have unique values. Write down what really matters to us. Who are we and what are we made of. In a few points (maybe 3-5), write down what are your top values. Then live them out faithfully.

3. One System That Is Aligned To Our Values

There are too many systems out there and sadly they don’t always align.
Work out ONE system that works and stick to it. Simpleology is one I used before I developed my own DREAM process.

Make other systems you find later integrate with our one core system. If it doesn’t adapt, throw it out. Work with only those that can fit into your One system.

Have a daily, weekly, monthly routine in that system that works for you. It is to be things you’ll focus on and work on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly….. and lifetimely 🙂

Put it all down on paper.

This is it.

Success doesn’t need more.

As you work out the 3 things above, remember to balance things out with fun. Enjoy yourself and play. Always remember to sometimes not take yourself too seriously.

Rest and be, as you are a human being, not a human doing.

Hope this helps. Do feel free to comment and let me know what else does success need?

Your friend,


My 10 years of IT consultancy across multiple discipline (including government, education, health and the non-profit sector) and also my 12 years in the service industry means I can help you champion your online business journey. I can help you develop yourself and your team to navigate your digital transformation.

6 thoughts on “What Success Need

  1. I love your point about sticking to one system when it comes to success.

    The great thing about the internet is we can learn to be successful in almost anything we want to – but the downside to that is we can try to pick and choose from many different methodologies and systems that we create our own “Frankenstein monster” and actually harm our chances of success.

    Stick to one system, give yourself enough time to see it through and make adjustments along the way until you see results.

    1. Less is more when it comes things that make the biggest difference. Appreciate you dropping by and thanks so much for the comment.

  2. Great. concise. to the point. nice. will check out this simpleology and see how things go. Not sure since my life(like I like it) is always different, in my work vs play how any system would just fit, but willing to check it out. Already have the mindset in place and believe that you still have to try and keep things moving. Always forward motion…

    Thank you for the post.

    1. Thanks Brent.
      All the best in finding a system that fits your unique work and personality. When all fails, work out one for yourself using the technology or what’s already out there. HT

  3. From my experiences, the proper mindset is the most fundamental thing that you need in order to achieve success.

    If you have the right mindset then you would be able to see success before your eyes, even when it’s not there, and strive to reach it.

    It’s all about your thoughts and habits really.

    Cheers, Vlad!

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