The Best Way To Start An Online Business

  • There many ways. How can there be the best way?

    Ok, I know there’s no one best way to start an online business. But through the years I come to know that there really is because time and time again, I see people start off on the wrong footing and that has subtely became the wrong foundation for what they do. One that leads them to fail.

    There are prevalent issues faced by start ups and it not a surprise as statistics tell us that 80% of all online businesses fail within the first 3 months. These wrong footings could possibly be because of the following:

    – Seeing it as a program rather than a business,

    – Seeing it as a platform to sell things rather than help and

    – Seeing it as a way to your success rather than doing what you love and passionately believe in.

    What if you can build it right from the beginning?

    Just like constructing a high-rise building, it starts up with the right planning and laying the right foundations before the actual building begins, wouldn’t it help our online business for us to do the same?

    There is a way to make your business journey a whole lot easier and overall a more enjoyable trip and that is the best way to build.

    The best way is building the right foundation. The right foundation will be the strong base for you to build your business and to make it last. Here are the 3 that are key foundations to you starting your online business.

1) You are building a business, not signing up for a get rich program

If there’s one thing you’ll notice about the online world, it is that the internet is full of programs packaged as get-rich quickly schemes. While their claims of getting rich is true, but the claims of what it takes to get there isn’t. It is packaged to be easy and everyone come into the program with the hope of being that next overnight success.

I know that almost all overnight successes come with people who have built the right foundation of setting up a business. Building an online business is like building a real company that needed passion, love and hard-work. While this may sound like is a joy damper, it isn’t.  Building a business the right way can be fun and very practical when the right expectation is set; that it is not a get rich program but an ethical and honest and very empowering way for an alternative way of living.

2) You are building it to last not just to be successful for a moment

The second thing is to know you are building it to last, not for just a while. This can easily be achieved to position your business as a setup to help others rather than make money. Not that making money is wrong, it is just that making money is a by-product genuinely offering help to people to solve their problems. Building an organisation to last is about having a product, service or ideas to help people solve the common problems they face in their life. A good way to start is to start by asking ourselves what is it that we have that people need?

I have received a certain divine inspiration when I first began. And in that voice that spoke to me was the assurance that “an enterprise that gives will always have enough to give”. This has been my success motto since that day.

3) You are doing something you love according to your passion not according to the packaging on your program.

The third thing is to build it according to your passion. All of us are wired up differently. And it is precisely this that create a niche market in the world where the right people will come to you for help if you put yourself out there. Doing what you love brings into focus the right customers or clients into your business space. My encouragement to build the right foundation is to build it according to what you really like to do.

Sometimes, we buy into that shiny box with an advertisement and promises of wealth selling what we don’t believe in or personally use. I’ll say, stay away, put down the package and let the idea sink into your system for a day or two. If after a week, you still come back to this, then go for it. Otherwise, seek for your niche according to what you like to do. Is it a product you can sell, a service or an idea you believe in so much that you can promote. Seriously do what you love and heaven will reward you with success beyond measure.

Here are just 3 ways you can easily tell if you honestly ask yourself if you have the right foundation to build an online business.

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I wish you all the best in your best way to start an online business with the right foundations. Let me know your comment, thoughts and feedback. Would love to hear from you how I can help you in this journey.


My 10 years of IT consultancy across multiple discipline (including government, education, health and the non-profit sector) and also my 12 years in the service industry means I can help you champion your online business journey. I can help you develop yourself and your team to navigate your digital transformation.

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