Success Leaves A Trail, So Start Learning

One of the joy of growing as an entrepreneur is learning. Where learning is not enjoyed, it is likely because we are conditioned that learning can only happen in the classroom where information was perhaps forced upon you. So people have this notion that learning is hard, boring and irrelevant.

However, in the entrepreneur journey, learning is different.  We learn what we need to learn. Unlike in the classroom where learning is turned into knowledge, the entrepreneur’s learning is turned into practice.

If we know that success leaves a trail (if we don’t, we should), one of our daily goal should be to find out these questions.  Pursue success by discovering “What’s One Thing Revealed To Me Today” so that at the end of the day, you can encapsulate “What Is One Thing I Learned & Practiced Today”.

Here are 3 Trails where these questions can be found

The Trail of Successful People

In the course of what I did before this venture of leaving my job and doing this freelance, I was fortunate to be in an environment where I was surrounded by successful people. Having been around people of success makes me a success. The download from such people is precious and cannot be gained anywhere else.

However having successful people around cannot be taken for granted. Though I had it by default but I still look for other successful people to relate to. Asking someone for lunch or a specified amount of time to ask them questions is a habit that I cherish a lot.

Just last week, I was with someone who has done what I’m doing 3 years ago. It was the best hour in my week as I learned so much of what he has done to get to where he is today. Success leaves a trail and it’s with other successful people.


The Trail of Good Books

My last post was about books and its no surprise that the trail of Good Books is high on my list of where success can be found. Yes, its not all the time that you get to spend time with Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Michael Jordan or Mahatma Gandhi but you can spend time with the words and wisdom that they care enough to pen down for you.

Go to the library, check out some good books. Ask other people for good books that they have read, borrow from them. Go to the bookstore, buy some. Subscribe to an audio book service.

Whatever way you can access books, spending time reading just 10 minutes a day makes a whole lot of difference to the level of success you can enjoy. I used to consume books like I shower but today we have other distractions like social media, it’s more challenging to sit down with a book for 10 minutes. But we have to.  Success leaves a trail in books like nothing else can.

I spend time reading the Bible as my spiritual nourishment is key to the success in what I do. There’s no word like God’s Word and its where I find a lot of “What Is Revealed To Me Today”. On top of that, its always books about leadership, success and spiritual direction.

The Trail of Inspiration within You

Now don’t underestimate this thing called inspiration. If you invest in yourself to give yourself quiet time to reflect and think, inspiration will come and tell you what you need to know and do. Often in the state of relaxation or right after an exercise. Sometimes it happens in my sleep where inspiration comes knocking. And when it does, make sure you have a note book beside you to write it down.

Often this voice from heaven comes to us to tell us the right path to take. Listening to it has caused more success in my work than anything else can. But before we rely on inspiration doing all the work, its important to prepare ourselves for it by reading a lot of books and hanging around a lot of successful people. Often this inspiration within us nudges us and tell us in a little moment something that we have learned before from a book or someone else.

There we have it, the 3 trails where success likes to leave a trail. What is yours? I would like to know so if you could kindly leave a comment, I will appreciate it.


My 10 years of IT consultancy across multiple discipline (including government, education, health and the non-profit sector) and also my 12 years in the service industry means I can help you champion your online business journey. I can help you develop yourself and your team to navigate your digital transformation.

4 thoughts on “Success Leaves A Trail, So Start Learning

  1. Hello, HT! I´ve really liked your website! It´s really organized and I loved the OUR CLUB 4 STEPS! It´s easy to understand when you are a beginner in the “making money on-line” world.

    I´m thinking about trying the e-books business, what do you think about it? Do you think it´s better to create my own e-book or starting selling e-books that already exisit?

    1. Hi Paula, thanks for dropping by. I really think learning is something all of us need and there’s never going to be too many books. So I recommend to sell what is already there and at the same time start writing your own. Your version of the book should be accumulated knowledge + experience of what only you can bring to the table for your audience. I think everyone has that book in them waiting to come out. Maybe its time for yours.

  2. Great article! I’m 100% a believer in reading to succeed. It’s like we can learn how successful people think and then just train ourselves to think the same way.

    Also, you’re on the money in terms of the intuition point! Everyone has that thing within them that’s whispering where they should be going. So we should try to follow that inner voice.

    1. Thanks for the comment. It is truly inspiring to know there’s help all around us to guide us where we want to go.

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