Step ZERO of Any Step To Success

We live in a world of information abundance. Getting the Steps to success is no longer the challenge. We have it in our every advice from our friends, from the internet, from books and courses and even within our system, the 3, 5 or 10 steps to do almost anything we want to do. But yet people fail.

Why is it that nowadays people know the path to success but never really succeed? How isn’t just following the steps making it?

Well, the missing component is the step before the steps. We call it the Step 0 which is the most important Step before any Step; It’s the step of the inner game. The inner game is what is happening on our inside? Our mindset, paradigm or what our subconscious mind is doing is way more important to our path of success than any other subsequent steps.

The following video is the best of any new year message I have ever heard in the area of changing our inner game. It gives us the elements that is needed to help us to move to succeed. Before our 3, 5 or 10 steps to anything we do, including our club’s 4 steps to a profitable online business, shall we in invest in Step 0 about changing our inner game.

Watch and enjoy



What’s happening in your inner game? How are you taking your Step 0?


My 10 years of IT consultancy across multiple discipline (including government, education, health and the non-profit sector) and also my 12 years in the service industry means I can help you champion your online business journey. I can help you develop yourself and your team to navigate your digital transformation.

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