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Our club’s name is Easy Online Business. Many people asked me why is it termed “easy”. Acknowledging that building an online business isn’t an easy task, I’m not surprised by the question.

However, I want to shed some light on this matter.

First of all, nothing is easy. There’s no occupation that pays us money that is easy. Money doesn’t come to us without work, effort and dedication, so to term any occupation easy isn’t going to be true also.

But isn’t it valid to say that while no job is easy but every job can be made easy?

Having said that, in my 20 years of experience working in various industry, I know that online business can be made easy because of many factors that we have today unlike many years ago.  It is because of these factors that Easy Online Business Club is setup.

We truly believe in the online strategy of doing business using affiliate marketing. And all the more, we are passionate about it because of the following factor of how an Online Business can be made easy:

It doesn’t take 4 years of university & tens of thousands of school fee to start an online business.

A business doesn’t need a physical shop where people travel to, it can be a virtual shop where people surf the net to get to.

An affiliate marketing online business means you can sell products you do not have. And when someone buy something, you don’t need to deliver it.

It’s now a billion dollar per year industry and it proves that e-commerce is the way to do and that people do buy things online.

Many people have done it and are successful in it, so there is a trail given to us.

There’s an affordable academy where you learn to do this step by step and it includes hosting, training, step by step training, community and school support and all the latest trend update so that any layman can do it.

We truly believe in the online strategy of doing business using affiliate marketing. And all the more, we are passionate about it because of the above factors of how an Online Business can be made easy. If someone would have started this 10 years ago, he or she would have been successful by now, but it’s not too late, there’re stats and figures to predict that people shopping online aren’t going to go away, so don’t wait, take action now and begin your journey here at our club.


My 10 years of IT consultancy across multiple discipline (including government, education, health and the non-profit sector) and also my 12 years in the service industry means I can help you champion your online business journey. I can help you develop yourself and your team to navigate your digital transformation.

2 thoughts on “Online Business Made Easy For Beginners

  1. Nice post.I started my online business in March 2017.Following step by step of the training.Work at my own pace and gain knowlegde of the entrepreneur program.

    Thanks for sharing information!

  2. You have a good looking site, which is easy to read and follow. I certainly agree that online business is not easy, but can be made enjoyable and ‘easier’ by seeking out the right people and path to follow.

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