My Journey with an Online Business

In 2016 I started an online business called MyO’things. I want to share my learnings from the journey of how that business progressed from the day I set it up in April until today in February 2017.

I bought the domain and used Weebly (the business edition) to host the site. It is a great platform and has the most attractive interface to build very attractive websites.



I truly love how my website looks. I was there since April 2016 and now its February 2017, I realised something that I’m not doing right.

Yes, I have a nice website but I don’t have a very healthy visitors hits. I have a sale on the first month it was set up and really there was a spike of visitors in month 1 and 2, but now, the overall visitor count is on a decline

I was there since April 2016 and now after 10 months, I have a nice website but a declining visitor rate.

Another fact about the business is that, the website targets only visitors to my local country in Singapore. I don’t have an international customer base.

I used another online platform Carousell , second hand BUY-SELL site which chalked out around 300 over sales over that period in 2016.  How many did I get through my website on Weebly?

1. Yes that’s right only 1.

And that was when the website was launched and I paid Google for my visitors. I sold $139 on the first day it was online, not so much because of the site but because the flagship product the Soundbrenner Pulse, that I was selling. I sold around 50 units of the same product through Carousel which has its own customer base.

I learned an important lesson that year in 2016.

#1: If its a website, it’s important to have an international reach

#2: If we are doing this for the long haul, it is important to have an active community that spurs you on.

In Dec 2016, I went onboard Wealthy Affiliate, an online community to learn Affiliate Marketting in a nurturing environment where people care to help. One month later in January 2017, I made my first $1. It’s small but since then things have been progressing steadily. As I see my increasing visitors count and sales and especially the development of the online businesses that I set up there.


I realise how important a site not only to be easy to build or nice to look at but its improving, growing and making progress. That kind of steady growing and development is the foundation of a good education that teaches you how to build a solid online business that will not just sprint and die but keep on going stronger by the year.

Besides the training, I realised what made the most difference was the community. It’s the right people around you that spur you to go on and reach for higher goals.  The community in Weebly was incredibly inactive compared to the community in Wealthy Affiliate.

I have personally tried to use their community feedback feature but the responses were slow and sometimes left unanswered. You know a community is somewhat tired when you needed help.

The last question I posted in Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand, was responded 11 minutes later even though I live in a different time zone.

Others came in very quickly

I believe that to build an online business, we need an active community that is always learning and always making progress. Newbies and master of the trade all chip in to contribute.

I’m sharing this not to put down Weebly (as it has its unique strength of being the easiest to setup a professional arty website) but to highlight the importance of a global community of like-minded people to progress.

Not only is Wealthy Affiliate a great community, it also teaches me Affiliate Marketing to have an international reach and not just a local one. So with Wealthy Affiliate, I know I have more room to expand my business.

I will be transferring myO’ business to Wealthy Affiliate within the next 3 months, seeing the gap between the progress I’m making with sites hosted elsewhere and that within Wealthy Affiliate.

For those of us considering setting up an online business and if affiliate marketting is the way you want to go, I want to encourage you to check out and consider Wealthy Affiliate if you have not.

Check out  “My Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate”

Let me know what you think?


My 10 years of IT consultancy across multiple discipline (including government, education, health and the non-profit sector) and also my 12 years in the service industry means I can help you champion your online business journey. I can help you develop yourself and your team to navigate your digital transformation.

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