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Overall Ranking: 1 (with 9.5/10 rating)
Price: Free for Starter Membership, $49 per month for Premium Membership
Founders: Kyle and Carson (Since 2005)


Wealthy Affiliate is a program that helps individual start an online business in the shortest time possible. It’s a comprehensive training-cum-doing program that gets your website up in no time and then in a very systematic manner helps you build your business one foundational skill at a time. So what you’ll be experiencing is how to build a successful website stone by stone, brick by brick.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most reputable and highest-rated resources in the industry space that is vast and full of scams.  It teaches you the how-tos in digital marketing and how to start an online business from scratch. With its full integrated and first rate support, it’s without a doubt the Number 1 top recommendation in my EasyOnlineWebsite Club.


What it’s good for:

  • Starting entrepreneurs with a niche and passion and would like to start their online business quickly.
  • Those who want to learn how to build a website FULLY optimized for revenue.
  • People who dislike being lead to buy-more once into the program.

What it’s no good for:

  • People who buy into the promise that they will get rich without much work.
  • People who are unwilling to work on foundational principles step by step.
    It’s not hard, but patience and dedication are needed executing it.


This is really for anyone who wants to start an online business anywhere in the world from businessmen or housewives to students or anyone who already know their niche and passion.

Many of the current members came from online scams and not so legit programs. So it’s totally for those who are done with under-delivering programs and is coming home to a good solid one.


What impress me the most is how quickly one can start and set up a working website. Without a website, nothing can be done online, so this program will quickly put a beginner on the right track. Anyone will be impressed by their own effort how they can get their site up within the hour of joining the program.

The power comes from a very clear foundation set in the beginning.  The principle of web marketing is laid out comprehensively in a step by step manner according to these 4 simple steps.

1.Choose a Niche
2.Build a Website
3.Attract Visitors
4.Earn Revenue

I’m an experienced IT person and came into the program with some knowledge about this field but yet I’m totally blown away by so many things I can still learn about websites, visitors and revenues. Surprised by how much more efficient I could have been. Before this, I had to create websites from scratch using an independent host and then another separate web publishing app, before going to supporting apps to build it all on my own. It seems like a waste of time now because what I can do in 3-4 weeks or months before, I could do in less than an hour today.
If only I have started with this, I would have spared countless hours and free myself from a lot of headaches.

My websites under Wealthy Affiliate went up live in less than an hour after I joined is really a testimony of how easy it is to work on.

I already have 2 websites up and running in just the 2 short weeks I’m in the program. The sites are and here at EasyOnlineBusiness.Club and they are both indexed by Google and I’m making great progress. The program integrates all the market leading platforms like Siterubix, WordPress, Jaaxy and made it all work together seamlessly to become a state of the art website building platform that enables progress like I am making.

It integrates not just website functions but interaction and networking support with it as well. I’m totally impressed on how each part works together with machine precision and have a community come in with the human aspect of running a business. Which leads me to talk about the support.


I have to say support is top notch. Not only does the owners respond to your queries, almost everyone is interested in mutual support. I think this comes from the philosophy of the community that success is not selling but it is helping. It has a ‘pay it forward’ system where helping is a norm.

I remembered when I joined, the respond to my first few questions came almost immediately, less than 2 minutes of posting the questions. For example

And this reply came within 2 minutes.

Occasionally there will be other members who would drop a note to my page to ask if I needed help in any way. Truly I have never experienced this level of help from any forum or program I’ve been in.

This is totally amazing and set many things right (from other Get Rich Quick scams). I would pay the fee just for this kind of support and guidance because not only is the power of systematic one step at a time important, the power of right direction leads to success.


Free for Starter Membership (which I’ve never seen before anywhere) and $49 per month for Premium Membership. In the first week of the free starter membership, one is able to upgrade to the premium membership for a discount. There’s also a yearly upgrade and over 30% discount can be enjoyed.

The other program I was considering before I chose this was Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint which costs $1,500 and I was seriously considering to join as I didn’t mind paying for a quality program so that I can learn. Then I read a review comparing “Wealthy Affiliate vs Inbox Blueprint” and I learned that Wealthy Affiliate costs less but provides the same level of information as Inbox Blueprint and that the latter really has nothing new to offer for what users are paying. I was glad I heeded that advice and made the decision to join Wealthy Affiliate instead.



I like it that the starter membership gives you space to setup 2 websites without having to pay a single cent. And this is a totally LEGIT program and no smell of SPAM once you are in.


Secondly and most importantly, for a starter to have someone (and a big community of 10,000 members as of now who stands by you and guide you along in your business building. This kind of 24 hours/day and 7 days/week support is crucial for someone who’s starting off.

I honestly feel that there are no other programs that supersede this one if you know what your passion is and the niche website you’ll be doing. Even if you don’t know your niche, the training of finding your niche will help you get closer to what it is.

Wealthy Affiliate gets a 9.5/10, a thumbs up and will be my number 1 recommendation at EasyOnlineBusiness Club.

I will NOT recommend it to anyone who’s looking for instant success without the hard work, but if you are realistic and willing to put in the work, this program is for you. I like this so much and truly would like you to try it. I’m 100% okay if you go straight to WealthyAffiliate and get in without attributing your membership to my recommendation. I’m only 2 weeks in and you can already see the level of progress I have made, to be able to write this review in a good website shows how much one can progress with this program.

But if you like this review, support me with the running of this website, click below and I’ll be the first to follow you and help you along. Even if its not me, there is a great community who will come alongside you in this journey.  I guarantee you will not be left discouraged for too long.

Starter Membership is 100% Free (with premium features all opened for the first week), so there’s nothing to lose.

Please ask for help by dropping your comments below. (Here is a link to my Wealth Affiliate profile)

Your friend,




6 thoughts on “My #1 Recommendation

  1. I enjoyed your article, this seems like a very unique opportunity to increase revenue by making websites, and being that it provides step by step instructions makes it a more lucrative business to get into. Does wealthy affiliate allow you to sell your website after it gains a certain amount of value?

    1. Thanks for your comment. You can sell your website independently via services such as but to do it under Wealthy Affiliate may not be possible. That’s my understand at this point but things may change in the future.

  2. Hey, HT!

    I really appreciate your insights into Wealthy Affiliate! I think it’s awesome that WA offers everything you need to create a thriving business on the web.

    It’s especially great that you’ve put up 2 websites in only 2 weeks, and it just proves you can build a website for any niche you want and eventually earn an income from your passions. 🙂

    It’s truly amazing that I can start for free too!

    Thanks for the review.

  3. The reason Wealthy Affiliate became my top recommendation as well is because it offers genuine information and training resources without hidden upsells that you normally get in other programs. Also, I like the fact that I’m able to work on building my online business with thousands of other fellow marketers. It’s a sense of community that you’re not doing it alone.

  4. great post HT!

    i use wealthy affiliate as well and can only recommend their services, because what i’ve learnt in affiliate marketing from them, has enabled me to earn my first monies online. there’s a great network and support community to help with whatever questions that may come up. i encourage people to sign up to the free trial, and then if they like it, then go premium to get the rest of the benefits from the site.


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