Main Reasons Why Online Businesses Fail

Do you know 90% of online businesses fail within 120 days? Yes, that’s right 90%. That’s a huge percentage of people who started but could not move forward.

The next question is why?

My honest take from my years of experience is that indeed there are many reasons, but the two that sticks out I believe are …

1. Not enrolling in the right system

There are a lot of roadmaps out there on how to start, maintain and succeed at an online business. It is important to research which one is the right system is for you and your unique personality. Some like one that has a big community for support reasons, some just want the information. Some like a simple system, some a more hyped one for motivation.

If you begin with the wrong system, then you’ll receive the less than optimal support and will not help you to last in this online business venture.

So google for reviews of courses and training academies that is reputable. Ask questions and find out its features, the pros and cons and how is it like to be a user. Ask questions again, sign up for a free starter account if that exists and when you are in, ask more questions.

Leave a comment in reviews of the system you read. Also work out how much it will cost you to run the business per week, month or year. This is so that you don’t get shocked by the cost commitment of playing fees that you cannot sustain

Finding out what is the best program for you is something you need to do for yourself. This is important especially for us who are new and need as much hand holding as possible.

Make sure it a legit program with a proven track record. And that system should include a way to find what is the niche business you should go into.

With the right system, you are positioned to be the 10% that last.

(I have written an article based on my research when I first started my several online businesses. Feel free to check out my best legitimate online business building system comparison to my top recommendation of the system that was right for me)

2. Not sticking to the system

Not only that.

Yes, people fail mostly because of not persisting on a good program that you have chosen to follow.

There are many legitimate programs out there. And seriously despite some of their over ambitious marketing that you’ll make money easily, the strategy works.

It is just that the lack of commitment on following through a good program is the reason why we fail. This is not surprising (as it is in almost everything in life) that it depends on how much we really want to do this to push through. Not everyone succeed to make this a money making business.

They are either 1) those who can’t stick to it long enough to the point of breakthrough or 2) those who have found another shiny system and so move on to experience a new system without fruits of the previous ones. Indeed a rolling stone will gather no moss.

A good way to think about this is…

Can you imagine starting a shop down at the mall, and after opening for business for a few weeks, you decided not to turn up? Of course, we can’t. It’s terrifying but yet it happens to online businesses.

We should treat our online store like a physical store on rented property and with respect of the current and future customers who walks into it.

Quitting too early can be prevented also if we working on ourselves. Spend a bit of our morning working on ourselves. Spend time working on resolving our frustrations and finding what is blocking our positive energy to make lasting progress. Get to the bottom of why we give up so easily.

Understand external and internal blockage to success.

Yes, sometimes it is external factors; By that I mean something that is outside of us that we have little control over, such as a family crisis or a changes in your life that you cannot put in the time anymore. But most of the time it’s an internal issue that is within us where the good news is that it is within our control.

For internal factors, we can rave-up our discipline and hard work to establish a routine to show ourselves how hard we want this. Really enough to push through until it breakthrough.

Sometimes external factors can be resolved by working on the internal issue of wanting to fix it as early as possible with creativity and hardwork. For example, if we find ourselves having chosen the wrong niche that makes us less motivated to work on our website, then work on that internal issue by changing direction. Cut the losses and quickly get a new domain and work on the new one because the fault is not in the system but inside of you.

When we stick to the same system, we can then figure out what is the key to motivate us to keep taking action. Without persistence, we add to the statistic of those who fail to see the fruits of their online venture.

In conclusion, the two reasons to work on.

    1. Not detailed in selecting the right program.

    2. Not being persistent before the breakthrough

For reason #1, I found mine in Wealthy Affiliate. Here’s a link to the review of the system I use. (Click here for my Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review and ask me a question by leaving a comment in the feedback)

For reason #2, it’s totally up to you to choose to be the 10% that pulls through to see success down the road.

How about you? I would like to hear your thoughts about reasons why business owners fail.


My 10 years of IT consultancy across multiple discipline (including government, education, health and the non-profit sector) and also my 12 years in the service industry means I can help you champion your online business journey. I can help you develop yourself and your team to navigate your digital transformation.

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