How to blog on the Internet?

I started online through blogging and I believe the entry point to the online world as a creator (and not consumer) is by starting a blog.  So if you are just begining, where do you start? How do you blog and make sure you have things to blog about on the internet?

Assuming you are not dealing with the technical aspect of starting a blog, here are some tips on how to blog on the internet.

Experience Life & Journal Offline

Before you start blogging, determine what you will be blogging about? If you are blogging about what is not authentic about who you are and what you like, then it’ll never be a blog worth anything to others. But if you blog about what you enjoy and are currently practicing, then you should blog should be about those experiences. When you blog about photography when you are taking photos everyday or about guitars when you play, “Journalling offline” about your experiences matter. Before you go behind the screen to blog, you need to record your experiences. I’m not sure if everyone does it but from many blogs I read, I doubt that everyone blog about what is authentic experience in their own lives. You can be different and experience life first before blogging about it.

Blog Experiences That Will Help Others

Having first-hand experience about what you write about is fantastic. But if you want a successful blog where there is a real audience, you have to write to help them. They don’t just want to know that some celebration or mishap that happens to you. They want to know why are you telling them that. And how can they benefit or learn from what you have gone through. The human soul is always going to ask “So, what?” and “What’s in it for me?”. Write about experiences will help people identify with what you are going through. Then write about the solution to some problems you have resolved. This will help people care about what you write. So blog what will help others.

Find a Great Headline Using The Keyword Tool

When you already know the content to write about, get into finding out what is the best headline that will be an instant attention grabber. The title “How to play basketball” is not going to be more awesome than “How to fly like Michael Jordan when you play basketball?”. Thereafter it is essential to use a Keyword research tool such as Jaaxy (Our #1 recommended premium research tool) to find out if there are people using these keywords or terms to search for a solution to their problem. This is important because a great headline without keywords or terms that actual people are searching for is futile to reach an audience.

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Write In a Manner That Is Readable

There are many great writers who write in great lengths. And that’s not enough. Break your content into paragraphs with sub headings, so that the post will not appear to be like a sea of text where readers get lost. Pictures also help to break the monotony of content heavy post and encourage people to read longer as well as more.

Practice writing in a way that is readable. You see what I’m doing?

Write As If  Talking To One Person Not As School Homework

Another area that adds to readability is to write to an”avatar” or a real life person that you know. It helps us move away from writing for information to writing for connection. If you write as if talking to a friend or person sitting opposite you, you will connect more beyond the heavy technical words you tend to use in your writing. The training we get when we were young doing research homework contributes to this lack of skill writing for people rather than grades.

Write In a Manner That Is Interesting

Write using a variety of ways. Stories, anecdote, parables, quotes and most important stories. We are connected through stories. Whether big eventful ones or small personal testimonial kind, it helps to make it interesting for our readers. I always remember having one story and one point in a post communicates better than many facts presented accurately.

How to blog on the internet is really not that difficult if you think about it. While there are many technical articles and information online about this subject, nothing is better than just learning to relate to a friend and understand that blogging is just like having a conversation. And it is key to know what you are going to say can somehow help him/her in an aspect of life and solve his/her problem.

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My 10 years of IT consultancy across multiple discipline (including government, education, health and the non-profit sector) and also my 12 years in the service industry means I can help you champion your online business journey. I can help you develop yourself and your team to navigate your digital transformation.

2 thoughts on “How to blog on the Internet?

  1. Blogging is a great way to get started online. You write about your hobby or passion and earn money. It also has many SEO benefits. Most online marketers have blogs inside their sites to target multiple keywords and keep their content updated.

    How often do you add a new post on your site? Do you recommend a specific number of posts per week or month?

    1. Thanks Ilias for adding into my post. Blogging makes everything about running an effective and profitable website possible … and easy too. I add a new post once a week as the primary goal of my website is to support by offline IT consultancy and business transformation work with my clients. Some of us may to be doing that and really need their post to help draw in online traffic. If that is so, I would recommend at least twice a week (more if possible).

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