EasyWay How To Succeed With An Online Business

The EASYWAY to succeed with an online business is what I’ll be sharing with you today. I know you may be thinking, who I am to suggest this? Why is there an EASYWAY?

All my life I have been presented with impossible things and time and time again, I’ve proven to people that there is way forward to achieve our every dream. It’s what I call the EASYWAY. The EASYWAY is not based on striving, or on buying success. It’s not even based on a strong will power. It’s really about challenging myths and truths based on facts and reality that we face in our life.

One of the truth is that WE HAVE THE POWER. To act, change and make a difference in everything that we do. The difference between the people who succeed and those who fail is that the first group believes they can do it and the second simply can’t.

Today I want to share with you not just the mindset but the path that is called the EASY WAY. There is an EASYWAY to start and sustain an online business and it can be done because I have done so.

I do not promise you a way to get rich quickly or a promise you’ll be in the private beach resort overseeing the Pacific Ocean any time soon. I’m honest to let you know if money is your only measure of success that I’m not there yet but I’m 100% honest and confident to say that I’m happily on my way.


I believe I have the blueprint of how to be successful in everything that I do. So in this journey of starting an online business, I don’t believe there is an exception. I will get there, I’ll be successful in all areas of my life, I’ll be a Millionaire and I will get all that I need to fuel my purpose of caring for kids in orphanages all over the world that God has put in my heart to do. I will get there and its a sure 100% thing for me. So real it is, that I already feel it in the core of my being.

However, I don’t just want to get there at all cost. I want to do it the EASYWAY and I want to be successful not only after I reach there but I want to be successful every step of the way. That’s why EASYWAY is the way I know that is worth sharing it with you.

It’s the way I’ve applied in every venture I do and I want to share this blueprint with you to see if it’ll be the same for you. I’m not saying that it’ll work for everyone as everyone is different but if there’s a chance that it’ll work for you, I’m happy trying.

I just want you to stay with me throughout these 5 days and do the exercises I’m presenting to you after each of these topics. I guarantee you that you’ll learn something new that you can immediately apply to you. Now you have nothing to lose. Even if it doesn’t work, you continue but I assure you what I’m going to share with you will be packed with very practical things you can do in your journey of starting your online business. If you complete this course which is a kind of online business boot camp, I assure your chances of staying in the game will increase by 10 times.

What Do You Want?

Here we start with the most important question in life? What Do You Want? For most of us it’s the same few 1. Freedom to do what you want in your own terms 2. Money so that you can buy what you want 3. Flexibility so you can volunteer in the purpose and passion that you want. You may have other reasons, like Money To Give Away, to impress your Spouse, Girl/Boy Friend etc. Whatever it is, please write down what your goal or dream is

Determine Your Dream






What Needs To Be Done?

In The Easy Online Business Club, after we determine what we want, we need to realign our path. If we stick to what we have been doing expecting a different result, we are kidding ourselves. We have to realign our path to move towards that dream or goal that we have set.

I will get straight to the point what needs to be done. If you have decided to do Affiliate Marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best platform to learn and be trained in Affiliate Marketing. (To me, it’s been decided that IT IS THE BEST, which is why I am using them now) I will not go into comparing all the packages and which one is a scam and which legitimate (even though I have done that research myself before I began) although I do understand your concern if you come from being scammed before. The issue is not which package we use, it is in IF WE USE IT AND KEEP ON USING IT.

Can we start with this fact; that 90% Of Online Business Don’t Past The 3rd Month? The reason is ‘people don’t stick to what they have decided to do’ than the package is wrong. That statistic is actually not alarming. We all know that 90% are ‘QUITers’ in any field or anything we choose to do.  That’s a universal statistics, so starting an online business is no exception.

One of the reasons why people quit is because of distraction or the lack of time. Now when we realign our path, we will start doing something different to aim at reaching a different result which is to be the best version of yourself and see success in reaching your goals. Sometimes, we can do this different thing because we are full. By full I mean we have a whole load of activities that pack our days and weeks that its impossible to start the new path. So other than deciding what you will start doing, it is important to decide to stop doing something else.

If you spend the time deciding what you are doing to do to get somewhere and what you’ll stop doing to reinforce that, you will be well on your way to achieve your dream.

So for today, I want you to fill up the following

Realign Your Path; What I Will Start Doing




Realign Your Path; What I Will Stop Doing




What Is Reality? 

This is where the EasyWay comes in. While the what to do is already made easy with the Wealthy Affiliate program, the bursting of the online business myths is what will give you the breakthrough. Jesus is right when he said “Know the Truth and The Truth Will Set You Free”.

If you work with these realities or truth in the forefront, that will do a great deal for you towards your dream. The idea of our subconscious controlling our behaviour more than our conscious self have been known for centuries. Today in this way, you get to re-program your subconscious to the truth of the matter concerning what you do.  Engage what are your so call realities?

The best I have heard are

” Today I will do what others won’t so I can get the results others can’t – Jerry Rice”

” Now is the time to fix the next ten years – Jim Rohn “

Find the truth that will move forward with about yourself. Make it into a poster to hang up on your wall or a graphic that you can put in the background of your lap/desktop.

Engage Reality




The Other Side Of Trouble

Today we are going to explore the purpose of trouble. What is trouble? Trouble is bad and not part of our human experience. Now that’s not true. Trouble is a door towards great opportunities in front of us. Where the challenges and problems are is where the pot of gold lies. Most of the time its a pointer towards what we are aiming for. Now this is the EasyWay so I’m not recommending you go look for trouble, but I’m saying that you can anticipate the problems that will come your way and then try to step towards it, put your hand to the knob, turn it, open it and get to your goal. What if its lock? Climb over it. What if there’s no opening above the door? Climb through the window. Well I hope you get what I’m trying to say?

Behind every trouble overcame is a Promisedland. Behind every right challenge is our goal and dream. It may be that your goal will have a lot of such doors but its okay if you see it as a step forward.

You will enjoy your process of going for your goal, when you put trouble into perspective. Yes it may feel uncomfortable and terrible even but the satisfaction that comes when you are on the other side is priceless.

So now, what are you waiting for. Anticipate some problems and discover what is on the other side. Do at least the top 3 that has or will come your way. When you are anticipating it, you’ll expect it and it’ll be a better journey that way.

Anticipate Your Problems

1.  ______________________________ is a door to ___________________________

2. _______________________________ is a door to ___________________________

3. _______________________________ is a door to ___________________________

What Is Success? How About Success Now?

What is success to you?

Will it be when you have achieved everything you set your heart to achieve in Step 1 or that you have achieve X amount? Will that be the only thing that defines success for you?

If so, what sort of emotional reward or satisfaction will you be looking for?

What if success is NOW?

Can you achieve that same kind of emotional reward or satisfaction now then in the future when you have achieved the X amount?

Can we manage our success such that we are not only happy when we achieve them but we can be happy now.

“Wealth is having a great deal of resource not just finance but health, relationships and aspirations”

How about consider wealth (of plenty) in these area of wellness…

1. Health
2. Relationships
3. Friendships
4. Family
5. Finance
6. Intellectual
7. Sleep/Rest
8. Recreation
9. Travel
10. Fun?

Manage your success means managing your joy such that the joy is dispensed to you in portions now, not when you have achieved all your dreams. Many people think that they will only be happy when they become the CEO or some big companies or they become millionaires. They don’t know what true wealth is all about; its about being rich in every single way.

So dispense the joy and success NOW not in the future.

Manage Your Success In Portions

Strategy #1: Manage Your Money For Success Now
Proportionate your income into percentage according to what is most important to you. For example, if family, hobby, giving and savings are most important, proportionate it 30%, 10%, 10% and 20% of your income to it.  If you enjoy your income by what is important to you, you don’t have to wait for a huge sum to enjoy them, you can enjoy it now. So manage your money success.

Strategy #2: Manage Your Time For Success Now
In the same way as you money, proportionate your time in your weekly schedule for what is most important to you. Make sure your weekly calender is carved out time for what is important for you NOW and not when the elusive success date arrived.

Strategy #3: Manage Your Relationships For Success Now
Check your calender for time for which relationships are important for you. People whom you know will be or you will want by your bedside in the end of your life. Enjoy them NOW, not later.

The 5 Steps of The D-R-E-A-M Process

The EASYWAY I’ve shared with you is based on the 5 Steps of my D-R-E-A-M Process blueprint for achieving your goals and be happy in the process. It is a package that I put up as part of a full day seminar that I conduct and run to help achievers optimise their performance.  I normally charge $200 per session but today I’m giving it to you FREE of charge.

I hope that it is a revelation to you (if not at least a part of it is). I hope you have found the steps helpful. I believe it will be practical and will And if you have implemented this and have been relatively successful using it, I would love to hear your success stories too.

I’m not perfect! In fact, I always have the voice inside of me that says that “I’m not good enough” but I have a motto that goes like this

“Not Good Enough But Doing It Anyway”. 

And because of that I know I’m always successful. I wish you the same type of success and the joy that comes with it.

Best Regards,

2 thoughts on “EasyWay How To Succeed With An Online Business

  1. Hi therre!
    I was walking myself through some of the steps you mentioned, however I’m not sure what I need to list under “Engage Reality”
    Could you provide a little more instruction?
    Thank you for sharing a bit of your story and for helping others who are on their way!

    1. Engaging Reality is about picking truth that will challenge us. You know as human beings, our self perception can be deceiving and limiting. Everyday look for deep realities that challenge us out of the status quo. It can be very personal so you will have to look for your realities to engage.

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