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Dreamers & Doers make up the world. They are different kinds. But each brings unique talents and skills to the table when doing an online business. Dreamers bring great ideas while Doers, great execution. I wonder which are you? In this article, I wish to discuss Easy Online Business for Dreamers and Doers but as I’m a Dreamer, I would like to focus especially what Dreamers can do.

Let me explain both of these people to you.

always inspire a wonderful future. They have great ideas and usually generate a lot of great creativity for starting a business. They explore niches and know there is a market for these niches. They will come up with taglines and other clever marketing. Very quickly, they will find the niche and set up a great website to start it all. Dreamers

Dreamers weakness on the other hand will be the following through their ideas after its all established and setup.

That is where the Doers excel.

Doers always do a great job executing. Period. They do that so well because they know the details of what needs to be done. They are good in the science of the business. To see what needs to be to make the website effective.

Doers weakness is not being very creative. So their science of getting things done is complemented by the art and ideas of the Dreamer.

In the context of our Club’s 4 Steps,

… generally Dreamers are good at Step 1 & 2 while Doers do Step 3 & 4 better. So Step 3 & 4 will be a Dreamer’s challenge in the long run unless the niche is an area of their experience and expertise.


Dreams & Doers Form A Great Team

They will work alongside each other and compliment each other in an online venture.  But of course, such a team takes effort to find and time to nurture them to rock together. So it is common in our imperfect world, Dreamers are stuck with Doer’s type of work.


Dreamers Can Outsource What They Are Not Good In Doing.

They do their talent justice if they can find Doers via sites like Fiverr.com. It is one of our recommended Doer’s movement where Dreamers can ‘un-stuck’  themselves. Looking for people who can write great content and do SEO (Search Engine Optimisation to attract traffic) should be a key Dreamer’s role once their website is established with the chosen niche.

Other sites are

  1. freelancer.com
  2. guru.com
  3. elance.com
  4. iWriter.com


All is good, but …

Usually, the dreamers and doers are one person.

We can’t afford another person at the start, so whether you are a Dreamer or a Doer, we recommend joining a platform with a single integrated learning platform that will teach you everything in the process.

Wealthy Affiliate is such a platform with a starter membership of $0 and is our club #1 recommendation. Alternatively, Affilorama charge only $1 to start. Check out

The Best Legitimate Online Business Course

Otherwise, I wish you all the best finding your Dreamer-Doer team and hope for long lasting success in building an online business.

Let me know what you think? Are you a dreamer or a doer? Share what do you do to leverage on your strength and what do you do to manage your weaknesses?

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My 10 years of IT consultancy across multiple discipline (including government, education, health and the non-profit sector) and also my 12 years in the service industry means I can help you champion your online business journey. I can help you develop yourself and your team to navigate your digital transformation.

6 thoughts on “Easy Online Business For Dreamers

  1. I am definately in the dreamer camp – I’ve always been great at generating ideas and developing creative thinking, completing and finishing has always been my issue! I’m currently building a website based on one of my ‘dream ideas’ and in terms of getting things going Wealthy affiliate has been instrumental for me. The community in particular are great for motivation, ideas and support – I couldn’t do it without them!

  2. Wow! Amazing information. This makes me believe I could build an online business myself. Thank you for the tips that you give. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Thanks for outlining the different options available, I knew about the freelancer and iwriter but never heard of the guru or elance options, thanks for sharing, will check them out

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