First 4 Months In Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials

Many sources have cited that 90% of online businesses fail within the first 4 months. Having been at my 3rd month, I believe that WA (Wealthy Affiliate) is a very special program that makes this information not a scary fact.

WA is truly a very different program unlike any I’ve been in. In my 3 months here I’ve built up 3 websites from scratch and now in good progress. I have also transferred my 3 other websites I have built in the past over to WA.

Every obstacle I have faced in these 3 months has been resolved by 3 of the greatest features in the program in my own opinion.

1) Their 24/7 Online Help

2) The active community
of great members including the owners themselves

3) Great certificate course
that is comprehensive and lays a great foundation of a healthy affiliate marketing website.
I’m a fan and while I’m still 1 month away from that 4 month failure statistic, my passion is still strong and the level of support I get is world class and I believe the next month and beyond will be a breeze.
That’s my testimony in the first 3 months here. How about you? I wish to hear your testimony in your first 4 months.
Share yours in the comment box below!