My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review

My Honest Opinion of Wealthy Affiliate.


There’s so much you can have in one platform.

  • expert help.
  • awesome training.
  • live classes.
  • all in 1 web building console.
  • tools,
  • network.
  • community.
  • the right foundation.

I’m not exaggerating and let me begin.

The above screen is my Wealthy Affiliate (or WA) main console is where all the parts come together.

WA is an online platform for your to start your online business within an environment of experienced but down to earth experts. It is a comprehensive program that gets your website quickly and then in a very systematic way build your online business one ‘brick’ at a time.

The focus is on building a very solid foundation for your business based on affiliate marketing. (Affiliate marketing enables you to promote products you do not need to own. When the sale is made, you don’t need to fulfil the delivery because your affiliate partners will do it for you)

What you will experience is a guided program to build a successful website, find affiliate partner companies, promote products according to your niche and then optimised your site to make money with very little startup cost.

You will be trained using online videos, tutorials and free classrooms using the latest online training technology available.

The foundational course is a certification course that is organised into very easy to follow steps that take between weeks to months to complete.

In comparison with other programs, I’ve experienced prior to coming here.  I honestly feel Wealthy Affiliate (or WA) is unique and effective.

Let me unpack why I say so.



Easy step to step training from beginners to advanced level
Free $0 starter membership.
2 websites on for FREE!
Great community of support. It’s a SPAM free environment where members don’t solicit other than their offer to help.
Many online business experts, including Kyle & Carson, the founders themselves who are active members.
A solid internet business foundation based on affiliate marketing
No hyped environment. Very little upselling other than the Premium membership but only if you need the advanced feature (such as ability to host your own domain). Otherwise, the free membership is enough.


Can get lost in details if the starter is hasty to move too fast.
Social-network can mean more networking than working if you are not disciplined.


It is good for
Employees who’s tired of working for others and want to explore working towards a full-time life based on the passive income of an internet business.
Businessmen who want to expand their revenue stream,
Housewives who want to make extra income,
Students who want to support their studies or pay off their loans,
People who want more flexibility in their working time and want the freedom to volunteer more in the area of their passion.

It’s also for experienced internet marketers who want to learn more about how to build a website that is fully optimised for your customers.

Many of the current members came from being scammed by no so legit programs online. So for you who are in the same situation and have grown tired of with under-delivering programs, you can come home to a good solid program with proven track record.

I came into the program for specific reasons of fulfilling my dream of being an internet entrepreneur so that I can . I resigned from my job a month ago and now fulfilling my notice.

Because of Wealthy Affiliate, I could set up my own online Play Good Guitar niche site (using products from the Amazon Affiliate Program) and fulfil my childhood dream of owning a ‘Guitar Shop’.

If it can happen to me, the same can happen to you too.

If your dream is to start your own business with very little money, you are in the right place.


– People who buy into get rich quick schemes and think they will get rich without work.

– People who are impatient and do not want to invest working on solid marketing foundation


What impressed me, is how quickly one can start to set up a working website.

Just like a brick and mortar business that needs a physical shop with a physical address, an online business needs a website with a domain name as the address in the digital world.

This program puts the beginner very quickly on the right track. I believe anyone will be surprised by how they could get their site up so quickly.

The secret I believe is in their training program with 2 kinds of training,

1) A set of certification courses 

2) Classrooms

The former certification courses are the proven step by step method of helping members succeed. It has 5 levels. It is supplemented by the 12 Classrooms which cover a wealth of topics to enhance their online success for anyone to attend any time after the certification courses.

Experts & experienced members will also post out their own training videos from time to time. I have put up a sample of an actual training so you can see how it is done. This is a sample of one on how to create a website under 30 seconds.

The power of the training in Wealthy Affiliate comes from a clear process, founded on effective web marketing principles. This process is founded on effective web marketing principles laid out comprehensively in these steps.

1.Choose a Niche

2.Build a Website

3.Attract Visitors

4.Earn Revenue

This is simple but effective process which my website uses to help you.

I can tell you as an experienced IT consultant who had worked in the industry for 10 years, the quality of instruction and education you gained here is comparable to the best out there.

If I may say so, I feel that its worth not more than the 4 years I went to university to study where I paid tens of thousands for my time there.

When I came into this program, I was still blown away by so many practical things I can still learn about websites, visitors and making money online.


Before I started with WA, to build a website, I go through cycles of countless steps.

It’s navigating the web from scratch firstly to pick a host to host my site, then a web editor to write codes to create my website, then a publishing platform to push out blog posts on top of the multiple supporting programs like keyword research and tools to support the process.

It was okay then but feels like a waste of a lot of my time now. What I used to spend months to do, I could do it in days.

If only I had then what I have now,  I would have been more productive, spared of a lot of headaches and not forgetting the money spend on formal education.

WA is not an academic pursuit but very rooted in practice. My websites under Wealthy Affiliate went up LIVE under an hour. I already have 2 websites up and running 2 short weeks I was in the program.
and EasyOnlineBusiness.Club both went live on the internet within the day, indexed by Google within a week and ready to make money through affiliate products within a month. (Update: I had the third one called I setup in 2 days a few months later. Another Update: I have since migrated my three other sites hosted somewhere else to be hosted in WA and am happy with the move to have all my websites under one roof)

Wealthy Affiliate integrates all the leading web building tools in the market like Siterubix web-hosting, WordPress blogging platform and Jaaxy, which is an excellent Keyword Research Tool. All these are built into work seamlessly together to become a state of the art building platform that enables me to make such progress in such a short time.


The founders Kyle and Carlson are experts in this field running this program successfully for over 10 years.  They are at the top of their game in terms of keeping in touch with innovation. They monitoring the changes in the internet, web development and digital marketing technology and relevantly built it into the system. This is great value for those of us who lack the time and the know how to keep in touch on our own.

Just recently all members were given updates to secure their websites with secure certificates

(See websites with https://  )

Left on our own we would not have known what it is and why a secure website important nowadays.

People who have been members for years will tell you it is precisely this constant updating of technology and course content that make them stay as members for so long.

Kyle and Carlson do care and make it a point to keep us updated of new tools/technology, not only by building it into the system but releasing video courses to explain them as well.

Also, courses are updated regularly and you cannot say the same of many others.  In fact, you will notice that next to each online course, there is a ‘Request Update’ button for members to trigger the authors to update the content if it is ever found to be outdated.


I have to say support is top notch.

One of the highlights of being a member goes beyond the tools or mechanics of business building but it is the community. The platform to connect every member and networking activities is well worth the time.

I’m more than impressed to see how each part of the program works together and then to have the community come in for help and support. The founders are personally active helping members. And not only does the owners respond to your queries, almost everyone is interested to chip in.

I think this comes from the philosophy of the community that success is not selling but it is helping. It has a ‘pay it forward’ system where helping is a norm.

I remembered when I joined, the respond to my first few questions came almost immediately, never more than 2 minutes of posting my questions.

For example, I had a question bugging me half way through working out  ….

And this reply came within seconds.

Occasionally there will be other experienced members who would drop a note to your profile to ask if I needed help in any way.

There’s also a 24/7 LIVE Support Chat and there are very experienced people ‘camping’ there. Some very experienced and successful members literally CAMP there (for example, there’s a member by the name of @RICH who everyone asked if he is a robot that never sleep. He is always there ready to answer anyone with a question with an instant LIVE answer.

If chat members do not know the answer off hand, they usually point us to a tutorial, a classroom or where is the site or internet, we may find the answer.

Truly I have never experienced this level of help from any forum or program. This is by far the best online help community. Period!

This is totally amazing and set it apart from the many Get Rich Scams out there.  I would pay a good fee just for this kind of support and guidance because things really get easier when you are mentored and guided in the right direction.


Free for Starter Membership (which I’ve never seen before anywhere) or
$49 per month for Premium Membership.

In the first week of the free starter membership, one is able to upgrade to the premium membership for a discount of only $19. There’s also a yearly upgrade where over 30% discount can be enjoyed for a full year subscription.

The other program I was considering before I chose this, was Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint which costs $1,497. I was seriously considering joining that program as I didn’t mind paying for a quality education in digital marketing.  Then I read a review comparing “Wealthy Affiliate vs Inbox Blueprint” and I learned that Wealthy Affiliate costs less but provides the same level of information as Inbox Blueprint. I was glad I listened to that advice and made the decision to join Wealthy Affiliate instead. The money I saved came in handy for me to spend on other things operating my online businesses


This is a high class and quality learning platform. With no bombarding or up-selling of products we do not need, nothing is hyped or over promised in their marketing. This is definitely not a SCAM and there is not smell or sense of it at all.

A totally LEGIT program with evidence of people doing well and making a living with their niche website business. The following are real stories from the users themselves inside the program. This are not fabricated but real testimonies screen captured from blogs of accounts in the system.

Beyond these sample of success stories, these are reviews of recent users who have gone through the training and have been pleased with it.


I wholehearted recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the platform to learn and grow your online business. The 3 key reasons why I prefer this compared to others (Mark Ling’s Affilorama, Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint etc) and have since made this, our #1 recommendations in Easy Online Business Club are

Great Learning Platform:

I like it how I was guided in the classrooms and video courses. Progress is made surely and consistently. It is systematic that if one diligently follows through without missing much of the steps, success is within reach of any regular member. Even days of rest is programmed in so the pace is not hurried and one is not made to feel ‘left behind’.

Free To Try:

The starter membership is $0 to start. When inside the program, there’s little upselling other than if you need more advanced features you can upgrade to Premium for $19 for the first month and $49 subsequently. At the premium level, it is by far the cheapest in the market. The starter membership allows you space to setup 2 websites which are more than enough to start with.

Amazing Support:

Secondly and most importantly, for a starter to have someone (and a big community of 10,000 members as of now who stands by you and guide you along in your business building. This kind of 24 hours/day and 7 days/week support is crucial for someone who’s starting off.

I honestly feel that there are no other programs that supersede this one if you know what your passion is and the niche website you’ll be doing. Even if you don’t know your niche, the training of finding your niche will help you get closer to what it is.

Wealthy Affiliate gets a 9.5/10, a thumbs up and will be my number 1 recommendation at EasyOnlineBusiness Club.

I will NOT recommend it to anyone who’s looking for instant success without the hard work, but if you are realistic and willing to put in the work, this program is for you.

Click here to begin $0 Starter Membership which is 100% Free It’s really nothing to lose.

Since I believe in this program so much, I’m going add the following  **BONUSES ** for those who upgrades to premium within 7 days.

When you join your FREE Starter Account, I am going to offer you these 4 bonuses if you do decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days

BONUS #1: A 59% Discount For 1st Month Fee of premium membership ie. only $19 other than $49

BONUS #2:  Personal Coaching. I will be personally contacting you on your profile with my “hello” to give information about the program and how you can personally get help from me. I will also tell you how to claim your next 2 bonuses:

BONUS #3:  Design Your Site Logo. I have designed logos and websites professionally (charging up to $600 per man day). You’ll get one personally designed by me.

BONUS #4:  A free dress up for your website. I will give you a free analysis and feedback on how you can dress your website to look its best to your visitors. How your website looks is an important factor to your online branding. It will bring more visitors to your site and help you generate more revenue.

I look forward to seeing you. You will never know what you have been missing until you step foot inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

If you would like to leave your personal review or experience of Wealthy Affiliate or you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them below. I would love to hear your feedback!

Your friend,





Easy Way to Start an Online Business

Is there an easy way to start an online business?

Many will tell you no. But I’ll beg to differ because I know as a fact that while it is not simple, it can be made easy. When the process is not made more complicated than it actually is, it can be a joyful journey. The problem with the internet today is that it’s filled with so much marketing information that it clutters more than help. The scare tactics and the hinging on your lack mentality distract us from the real goal of getting our online business started.

In my years of experience in the industry, I know that starting off is easy when there are

1) People to help you with the venture and

2) A training that is specific and organised in an easy step by step way.

When I started off in 1994, I had to do it all by myself. Painstakingly as the technology was not so mature, I had to build element by elements the online business I wanted to build. But even then, it took me months and years compared to what takes hours to do today.

Technology has matured and Wealthy Affiliate is an online program that incorporates the best technology out there for building not just websites but online businesses from scratch.

Yes, you can go back in time and do it all from scratch by yourself (ie. create a website, then find a niche, then start creating content, learn SEO and then start to generate traffic to your website before setting up a mailing list + more)

You can spend days trying to figure out the mechanics of starting your online business by yourself. 

Or you can join “Wealthy Affiliate”, an online learning centre that allows you to learn as you build your online website and business at the same time. You will be trained in all the above.

Check out the Honest Review I have done of Wealthy Affiliate and assess for yourself why I’m seriously recommending this.

  • It has a free starter membership to get 2 sites running with $ZERO costs.
  • Also, I can personally coach you when you are there. Look out for me (userid: hthiew). It’s why I’m here. To help you. My top StrengthFinder profile is ‘Advisor’ so I was made to help people like yourself.
  • I know Kyle and Carson the founders of WealthyAffiliate and they are the nicest people in the business. They are personally active helpers in the community they created. As they have helped me, I’m sure together we can help you.

Do let me know if you have queries (by entering the comment below) about this and I’m more than happy to help you along.