Good Books To Help You Start An Online Business

If we neglect to read, we neglect to succeed in our online business. One of the most fun aspects of running my own business is make reading an everyday activity in the journey.

Reading 20 minutes a day makes a difference to switch our mind from concern to courage. Having a different frame of mind through reading is a great way to kick us out of our rut.

Convinced that reading is good for you but where do you start? They are so many. So here are some great recommendations for every step of the way:

Step 1: Finding Our Niche

Step 2: Build Your Website

Step 3: Grow Your Audience

Step 4: Earn A Revenue

There are also a lot of free resources on the internet that you can find. The one that I follow is Sean Desouza’s Psychotactics.  I love it and I read it regularly. Whatever it is, the key thing is to get into the habit of reading and hence learning.

The path of being an online entrepreneur requires you to work on yourself. And that is not a bad thing because if life is not about progress and improving ourselves every day, then what is it about?

What are some of the books that helped you in your journey?


If you are just starting and needed an everything in one learning platform that hand hold you every step of the way, check out our #1 recommendation.

What Is Affiliate Marketing? Why It Can Produce A Profit For You.

Affiliate Marketing is selling a product on your website for someone who will pay you commission if the sale goes through.

This is a definition of affiliate marketing in it’s simplest form. In our club, we recommend an online business using this lucrative model that can turn your website around and produce profit for you.

The beauty of this way is that unlike traditional e-commerce site, you don’t need to stock products in your home or warehouse. You also do not need to do the delivery because your job is just to refer the buyer to the company’s website. As a referer, you get an instant commission paid to your bank account online.

It’s straight forward, clean and very efficient.

Where do you find companies or person who has products that you can sell? In a phrase. Finding one is easy.

Just Google “Your Niche” + the word “Affiliate”
(for example “Health Food Affiliate” or “Guitar Affiliate”)

… and Google will return hundreds of such companies offering affiliate programs.

You then sign up to be an affiliate and when approved, you setup an account with details of your bank information. The company will provide URL links for you to copy and paste onto your website.

Your job thereafter is to attract the right visitor to your website and when the person comes, click on that link and gets redirected to the company’s website. When he/she buys the problem, the commission gets transferred to your account.

Commission for affiliate marketing can range from as low as 1-2% for computers, and as high as 60% for ebooks, software, and internet marketing products.

These companies who offer these products become your business partners. They are small to mega companies like Amazon, Walmart, ebay and Rakuten. With affiliate marketing, you can literally market and sell anything in the area of your passion and be in business association with any of these awesome corporations.

It’s a win-win partnership. Nothing more complicated than that.

Affiliate Marketing is a growing billion dollar industry and represents THE business model in today’s world wide web.

What do you think? Can Affiliate Marketing make your website into a profit producer?


If you are starting, I recommend you try Affiliate Marketing using our top recommended program “Wealthy Affiliate”. I recommend it because it is free to start and the training is all available with that free account. The option to upgrade is only if you need advance features.

Try it without anything to lose by clicking on the image above. (Note this recommendation is the best I know after comparing with others. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to setup an online business today using Affiliate Marketing)

Let me know your feedback or if you have any questions about affiliate marketing or other ways to make money online. I’m more than happy to help you.

Explore other ways having a website can earn you a revenue online?


Earn A Revenue – Make Money At Last

With a website that has traffic, that means that people are attracted to walk into the ‘shop’. The chances of people walking out buying something increases with the volume of traffic to your website. Generally, the higher the traffic, the higher conversion of a shopper to a buyer.

The two main ways you can monetize your website is either through selling a product or offering a service. But there are more than 2 ways to earn a revenue, such as selling your space for advertisement or offering an online course or a webinar.

Here are 4 most common ways

  1. Sell Advertisement Space

    This can be done through asking for businesses or people if they want to advertise their products on your website. This can be done manually by asking potential candidate to write to you and arranged how to put their ads in and how you are to be paid.

    There are more convenient ways by subscribing to services such as Google Adsense and have the ads pushed to your website as you get paid by Google Adsense for using your website as space for their client’s advertisement. Check out Google Adsense for such a service.

  2. Sell A Product (If you have a product)

    You may have a product (or a service) to sell to your visitors. Of course, the price will affect the level of people buying and that itself  will depend on the value of the product you’ll be marketing to your user.  Proper explanation and training will increase the value of the product or services you give to your customer. Products are usually physical object you can touch but nowadays it is very common to deal with digital products for customers to download.

  3. Sell An Affiliate Products (If you don’t have a product)

    You may NOT have a product (or a service) to sell. Then what happens? Don’t despair, there are thousands and thousands of company offering affiliates products they can market on their website. Large companies such as Amazon, ClickBank, Apple and Walmart to name a few.

    If an online business provides a good review of the products that the affiliate companies offer, people may buy from them through your website and the company will pay a commission to you.

    Affiliate marketing as this is called today is a billion dollar industry so there’s space for anyone. This way of selling is an established way to begin your online business as the opportunity is huge.

  4. Sell Your Website

    Finally if you have a website known to have great traffic and generating a revenue, the final way you can monetize your website is to sell it. Selling a website together with your online business is easy nowadays and sometimes just take a month from advertising it to the complete handover of the website to the new owner. Check out services like

    This can be a lucrative business if you are the pioneer kind where you like to start businesses to get it to a certain level of success but you don’t want to spend the time maintaining it prefering to move on starting new websites.

    In conclusion, making a substantial earning or even some a full-time living with an online business isn’t just a theory anymore, it is a reality for many people.

    Wealthy Affiliate is such a program where you are guided in the whole process of building a successful online business from “Finding A Niche” right to “Making Money At Last”. It has 800,000 people in the community with  many of them have made it to the highest level of success and many many on the way. Whatever it is as a member because of its strong community and culture, everyone can have a shot of success if they follow through the step by step instruction and training to build that foundation.  Wealthy affiliate is great way to begin or even if you already have a business to learn how to get to a place of what you define as success. You can read my Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate or you can just sign up by clicking the link below. The Starter membership where you can try building your first 2 websites is completely free (no money and no credit card needed). See you in there.

    Your Friend,


How Do I Make Money Online?

I’m in my 40s. I’ve always done things the old way. What a journey it was for me to find out what my post will be sharing with you below.

This post has one simple goal… To help YOU understand the process of making money online using the most effective way called Affiliate Marketting.

Sounds hard? Yes, i thought it going to be hard. Really, and complicated. Of course making money online will be complicated, right?

Well, wrong!

When I found out the truth. It is actually more simple than I think.

You see, although people use many different ways to create successful businesses online, there is one key component to any successful one,  it is having a website. 

Building a website is like opening a store online. It does sound hard in real life, so I can imagine how it sounds to you digitally online.

This is the video that my mentor Kyle of showed me about how to build a website that generates revenues using Affiliate Marketing.

It shocked me that building a website is simple and so doable. Also generating revenue without products at hand and without a big capital also intrigued me.

I come to understand through the video the revenue generating process from the getting the initial audience, to the search in Google, to the website, to the niche, to the types of programs that you going to be promoting.

There are many ways that you can earn a full income online once you understand the fundamentals and this video is going to clarify what the process is and give you a real good foundation.

It helped me, and I’m enjoying the results. I want it to help you too. So check this video out

         How To Make Money Online: The Process Explained

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below. I will be more than happy to give you a hand.