How to blog on the Internet?

I started online through blogging and I believe the entry point to the online world as a creator (and not consumer) is by starting a blog.  So if you are just begining, where do you start? How do you blog and make sure you have things to blog about on the internet?

Assuming you are not dealing with the technical aspect of starting a blog, here are some tips on how to blog on the internet.

Experience Life & Journal Offline

Before you start blogging, determine what you will be blogging about? If you are blogging about what is not authentic about who you are and what you like, then it’ll never be a blog worth anything to others. But if you blog about what you enjoy and are currently practicing, then you should blog should be about those experiences. When you blog about photography when you are taking photos everyday or about guitars when you play, “Journalling offline” about your experiences matter. Before you go behind the screen to blog, you need to record your experiences. I’m not sure if everyone does it but from many blogs I read, I doubt that everyone blog about what is authentic experience in their own lives. You can be different and experience life first before blogging about it.

Blog Experiences That Will Help Others

Having first-hand experience about what you write about is fantastic. But if you want a successful blog where there is a real audience, you have to write to help them. They don’t just want to know that some celebration or mishap that happens to you. They want to know why are you telling them that. And how can they benefit or learn from what you have gone through. The human soul is always going to ask “So, what?” and “What’s in it for me?”. Write about experiences will help people identify with what you are going through. Then write about the solution to some problems you have resolved. This will help people care about what you write. So blog what will help others.

Find a Great Headline Using The Keyword Tool

When you already know the content to write about, get into finding out what is the best headline that will be an instant attention grabber. The title “How to play basketball” is not going to be more awesome than “How to fly like Michael Jordan when you play basketball?”. Thereafter it is essential to use a Keyword research tool such as Jaaxy (Our #1 recommended premium research tool) to find out if there are people using these keywords or terms to search for a solution to their problem. This is important because a great headline without keywords or terms that actual people are searching for is futile to reach an audience.

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Write In a Manner That Is Readable

There are many great writers who write in great lengths. And that’s not enough. Break your content into paragraphs with sub headings, so that the post will not appear to be like a sea of text where readers get lost. Pictures also help to break the monotony of content heavy post and encourage people to read longer as well as more.

Practice writing in a way that is readable. You see what I’m doing?

Write As If  Talking To One Person Not As School Homework

Another area that adds to readability is to write to an”avatar” or a real life person that you know. It helps us move away from writing for information to writing for connection. If you write as if talking to a friend or person sitting opposite you, you will connect more beyond the heavy technical words you tend to use in your writing. The training we get when we were young doing research homework contributes to this lack of skill writing for people rather than grades.

Write In a Manner That Is Interesting

Write using a variety of ways. Stories, anecdote, parables, quotes and most important stories. We are connected through stories. Whether big eventful ones or small personal testimonial kind, it helps to make it interesting for our readers. I always remember having one story and one point in a post communicates better than many facts presented accurately.

How to blog on the internet is really not that difficult if you think about it. While there are many technical articles and information online about this subject, nothing is better than just learning to relate to a friend and understand that blogging is just like having a conversation. And it is key to know what you are going to say can somehow help him/her in an aspect of life and solve his/her problem.

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The STARTER ACCOUNT in Wealthy Affiliate is FREE. With it, it is sufficient to start 2 blog with hosting without spending a penny. There’s no credit card needed so there’s nothing to lose.

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Good Books To Help You Start An Online Business

If we neglect to read, we neglect to succeed in our online business. One of the most fun aspects of running my own business is make reading an everyday activity in the journey.

Reading 20 minutes a day makes a difference to switch our mind from concern to courage. Having a different frame of mind through reading is a great way to kick us out of our rut.

Convinced that reading is good for you but where do you start? They are so many. So here are some great recommendations for every step of the way:

Step 1: Finding Our Niche

Step 2: Build Your Website

Step 3: Grow Your Audience

Step 4: Earn A Revenue

There are also a lot of free resources on the internet that you can find. The one that I follow is Sean Desouza’s Psychotactics.  I love it and I read it regularly. Whatever it is, the key thing is to get into the habit of reading and hence learning.

The path of being an online entrepreneur requires you to work on yourself. And that is not a bad thing because if life is not about progress and improving ourselves every day, then what is it about?

What are some of the books that helped you in your journey?


If you are just starting and needed an everything in one learning platform that hand hold you every step of the way, check out our #1 recommendation.

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Grow Your Audience – Draw People To Visit Your Site

How do you grow your audience?

You may be thinking that you have to do lots and lots of advertisements and marketing. Flyers, promotions and flashy sign boards.

Well before you freak out. Let me let you know it is not. It’s more about creating good content. Yes getting an audience is about


Not just any content but content that helps other people. If you have chosen your area of niche, the journey of attracting a crowd is your journey to creating helpful content you can give to people in your niche.

I was an introverted little boy growing up. One of the great challenge my parents had to face was my shyness. I won’t look up when I talk to people. Instead, it’s to the ground, just shy in my encounter with others. I remember one day, dad drove me by a quiet lake. In a heart to heart father to son talk, he gave me a key advice that day.

“Boy, there’s no gold on the ground to find, whenever you do, look up!”.

At 17, as a teenager, I still haven’t learned to look up. I wondered to myself “How come nobody pays attention to me like those popular boys and girls in school?”.

Now that I’ve gone through it all, in the last 17 years, I grew and developed as a leader. In the course of what I do now, I am a leader of leaders of teams. I lead a non-profit to reach the underprivileged. In the last 17 years, I have come to look up and see what my audience need.

Speaking to hundreds and thousands, children and adult alike is common. How come people walk into the room to hear me speak? Why do they come for my advice and solutions to their issues?

Learning to look up and see what my audience needs, did not happen suddenly. It came naturally through the years of looking up.

I want to share with you 3 things I saw when I look up. And that has helped me grow the audience to my online businesses.

Message of Value

I looked up and saw the need of a message of value. I developed a message which in my case as a non-profit leader was a message of hope and grace of a God who loves everyone.

In the same way, the audience of the website comes naturally when you have a message of value in the area of the niche you have chosen. The message comes from you being in the field, experimenting, growing and learning as you grow.  What I find is that when I grow, the value of my message grows too. The major reasons why I love doing what I’m doing is seeing myself grow and develop to be a better human being with a message of value for my audience.

One of the keyways to develop a message of value is to find out what people are looking for. “Keyword Research” is a term used to find out what keywords are people using in the search engines to search for what they want. Once you know that, you will use it in your article posts title and that will help the search engine find your articles and return the link to the people who were using the keyword to search for what they want.

For example, if someone is looking for scooters for ladies. They will search using the terms “Best”, “Scooters” and “Ladies”.  Keyword Research Tools help you find out what these keywords are that people have been using to search for ladies scooters. Once you have that, you can create posts that will rank high in the search engine. That process of getting the search engine to favour the articles in your website is “SEO” or  Search Engine Optimisation. Jaaxy is a Keyword Research Tool that is recommended SEO tool here in the Club.


The second thing is consistency. The key to my success as a leader and speaker is turning up no matter what. I had to be ‘on’ every single time I’m expected to be on. On a weekly consistent basis, I turn up to share a message, to encourage, to plan and serve the people I serve.

Being consistent to be around your business and develop things is going to matter. Your ‘shop’ online needs to be opened to service before people will be opened to walk in. I believe if you are consistent to turn up, the audience is consistent to do the same.

Sometimes we say that the business is saturated or there are too many people doing what we are doing. But the fact is that the internet world is so huge and there are over 1 billion people as your potential audience. There is room for more business, more stores for all people in all these different corners of the world. The question is which business will stay open and offer good quality service or products for them in a regular and consistent manner.

I grow my audience when I’m consistent.

And the final two keys, I will group them together….

Generosity …. and Patience

People do know if your website is one that is set up to GIVE or to TAKE within the first minute they come. Are you asking them for thing you need or trying to give them generously something they need?

They know and that affects if they stay in your website or I click and move on to other websites.  Our website is not built to force a sale, its to offer what is good and to be known as a giver to that good to them.

Think about how your content serves people. Think about what you can give away. I started a Guitar giving program before I setup a guitar store to sell guitars. The foundation of my business was giving and I attract an audience before my business is a giving business. I once heard from inspiration “A giving enterprise will never run out and always have abundant of things to give”.

Patience is being able to be in this business for the long-haul to build a foundation. When I work like I’m not the kind of ‘fly by night’ business, it shows in my website and my audience will not only grow in terms of new audience, but the old ones will keep coming back.

So Generosity and Patience seals the 4 important ways how to grow your audience. What about you? How will you grow your audience?

You know our recommended program Wealthy Affiliate has precisely all the above. It has helped me implementing these things to help me grow my audience and I’m grateful to them for the success I have.

My Message of Value > comes from the things I learn from that community. Kyle and Carlson, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate has so much in them to teach us and help us succeed. As I’m growing my business, I’m learning within that platform all at the same time. It goes hand in hand. One cannot exist without another. WA has a great learning platform.

My Consistency > comes from daily encouragement I receive from the community. Every time I log on and when I do my course, I am reminded a key of turning up to work on my website, to write and share my experiences of the message I’m giving out.  I remember one coach told me “The best SEO is turning up and if we turn up long enough, you will grow your audience”. 

My generosity > is about me being able to give more than I get or I am paid for. The key thing I learn about building an online business in this program is that marketing is not selling but its giving. So every day, I am encouraged to be generous, to give and lay a great foundation for my website to grow my audience.

My patience > is after all that which matters. As this is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme (there is no such legitimate scheme, if there is, I’m still looking)  The secret of my patience is sticking to this program for longer than 6 months. How I did it is by investing in the Yearly Upgrade which is offered to all premium members. Instead of paying a monthly fee of $49, we can pay for the whole year for only $350 (a 20% savings compare to monthly)

Note the fee structure for WA is. The program is FREE ($0 and no credit card needed) to build 2 websites as Starter membership, the premium membership is $19 only for the first month and $49 thereafter if we want more features to access the community etc. Do note to start a business the Starter Membership is enough as it offers all the certificate courses in there as well.

For all the above that I get for building a great foundation to grow my Audience, the Yearly Upgrade is more than worth it. The other equivalent programs like Affiliorama, Chris Farrell’s truly charge more but offer less in my opinion. Usually, people start earning in the 3rd month and 6 months is good. So a year gives ourselves a good foundation.

With one year, it’s more than long enough to see success in your online business. Truly that’s patience as the key to growing our Audience.

My Case Study for Growing My Audience

Before I came to Wealthy Affiilate, I was with Weebly last year where I started an online store to compliment my sales on local buy/sell platform called In my ignorance due to the lack of guidance, I paid for traffic through Adsense pay for traffic program. I was thrilled, I generated 500 visitors to my website. That’s a lot of traffic and that was only in the first month I was in business. You know what that business did not sustain. Cos after that first-month experiment, when I didn’t have the money to force my audience numbers, the traffic declined. One year later, I’ve decided to close that store and focus on what I do over here.

But today with Wealthy Affiliate with my 2 businesses I’ve setup, I’m 3-4 months in and I know my audience is growing. It is slow compare to buying traffic but it is consistently growing and I see more people walking in week after week. The thrill of checking my Google Analytics is to see the growing audience before my eyes. It’s organic growth, without having to a play a single cent to buy traffic to my site.

I’m a happy camper!

Hope this helps in how you want to grow your audience

How about you? How do you grow your audience?