Success Leaves A Trail, So Start Learning

One of the joy of growing as an entrepreneur is learning. Where learning is not enjoyed, it is likely because we are conditioned that learning can only happen in the classroom where information was perhaps forced upon you. So people have this notion that learning is hard, boring and irrelevant.

However, in the entrepreneur journey, learning is different.  We learn what we need to learn. Unlike in the classroom where learning is turned into knowledge, the entrepreneur’s learning is turned into practice.

If we know that success leaves a trail (if we don’t, we should), one of our daily goal should be to find out these questions.  Pursue success by discovering “What’s One Thing Revealed To Me Today” so that at the end of the day, you can encapsulate “What Is One Thing I Learned & Practiced Today”.

Here are 3 Trails where these questions can be found

The Trail of Successful People

In the course of what I did before this venture of leaving my job and doing this freelance, I was fortunate to be in an environment where I was surrounded by successful people. Having been around people of success makes me a success. The download from such people is precious and cannot be gained anywhere else.

However having successful people around cannot be taken for granted. Though I had it by default but I still look for other successful people to relate to. Asking someone for lunch or a specified amount of time to ask them questions is a habit that I cherish a lot.

Just last week, I was with someone who has done what I’m doing 3 years ago. It was the best hour in my week as I learned so much of what he has done to get to where he is today. Success leaves a trail and it’s with other successful people.


The Trail of Good Books

My last post was about books and its no surprise that the trail of Good Books is high on my list of where success can be found. Yes, its not all the time that you get to spend time with Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Michael Jordan or Mahatma Gandhi but you can spend time with the words and wisdom that they care enough to pen down for you.

Go to the library, check out some good books. Ask other people for good books that they have read, borrow from them. Go to the bookstore, buy some. Subscribe to an audio book service.

Whatever way you can access books, spending time reading just 10 minutes a day makes a whole lot of difference to the level of success you can enjoy. I used to consume books like I shower but today we have other distractions like social media, it’s more challenging to sit down with a book for 10 minutes. But we have to.  Success leaves a trail in books like nothing else can.

I spend time reading the Bible as my spiritual nourishment is key to the success in what I do. There’s no word like God’s Word and its where I find a lot of “What Is Revealed To Me Today”. On top of that, its always books about leadership, success and spiritual direction.

The Trail of Inspiration within You

Now don’t underestimate this thing called inspiration. If you invest in yourself to give yourself quiet time to reflect and think, inspiration will come and tell you what you need to know and do. Often in the state of relaxation or right after an exercise. Sometimes it happens in my sleep where inspiration comes knocking. And when it does, make sure you have a note book beside you to write it down.

Often this voice from heaven comes to us to tell us the right path to take. Listening to it has caused more success in my work than anything else can. But before we rely on inspiration doing all the work, its important to prepare ourselves for it by reading a lot of books and hanging around a lot of successful people. Often this inspiration within us nudges us and tell us in a little moment something that we have learned before from a book or someone else.

There we have it, the 3 trails where success likes to leave a trail. What is yours? I would like to know so if you could kindly leave a comment, I will appreciate it.

How Much Does It Cost To Start An Online Business?

How much does it cost you to start an online business?

Well, that’s a good first question to ask before you consider starting.

While you may be thinking of dollars and cents, that cost is not just in terms of your money but it is also your time, effort and everything else that is impacted by your new found adventure. It could even be relationships as you begin your busier new life as an online entrepreneur.

“What does it cost me to start an online business?” is the very first question that people should ask when considering to start an online business.

Let me explain by trying to answer the question of why is this website call EASY online business club when it’s obvious, just like in the real world business, it is not easy at all.  

Well, let me continue by sharing you my journey….

I’m HT and I have a degree in Computer Science & IT (Information Technology) from the University of Western Australia where I took 4 years to get.

I worked 10 years in the industry before I took a huge pay cut to join a non-profit working with empowering children.

After a 12 year successful stint there, I decided to return to the IT industry and start an online business with very little capital as a social business to enable empowering kids in orphanages all over the world. [You can read my full account under About me]

It’s an unusual path that I’ve chosen and it’s not without challenges. Unless it is a true calling, it’s not a usual option I will recommend.

Although it is not easy but I made the decision and after 3 months doing this, I want to report what I’ve discovered of the internet world.

I found out that

  • The internet is so filled with empty, over promising and under delivering get-rich-quickly schemes.
  • The promise of riches all cleverly packaged to entice you and play with your emotions.
  • The motivation of a lot of advertisement you see online is more concern about converting you to buy and may not necessary to help you get the best services or products.

The above factors caused me to think and be really concerned because I found out that while they are wonderful propositions, they are COSTING people more, much much more than what they bargained for.

IT COST people more in the following way...

  • People who are motivated by the easy money, gets into a scam program that doesn’t give them easy money.
  • People are asked to invest a huge sum of money on a package that doesn’t deliver or will only deliver if they invest more money in upselling within the package.
  • People are not suitable to be entrepreneurs let alone an internet entrepreneur get into something they think it’s the right industry for them but soon realised they don’t have the right skillset to succeed.

These are usually people who are trying to make ends meet; housewives, people who worked second or third jobs, those living off their retirement funds, those in financial situations and students.

This made me very sad for an industry that wasn’t like this when I started over 20 years ago. The power of the far-reaching internet has been exploited to lure people into places that they are not meant to go.

I feel strongly about this because …

The business of enticing people into something, that they will quickly realise that it’s not what its promised in the packaging reminds me too much of the kids in orphanages who were exploited and brought into an industry, they are not aware of if we do not help them.

So in my new venture into help people, I’m determined to help people find legitimate online businesses that will work for them and also spelt out what it will cost people before they jump in.

I wish to share what I have found to be the best package by a mile to guide budding entrepreneurs through my experience in researching and discerning good products.

But before I do, let me say that online business is not for everyone. It’s only good if you have the following.

  • Niche or eventually something that you can sell or provide that will honestly help people. It doesn’t have to be a service or product you already have but it has to be according to your passion.
  • To depend on this only as a side income first and work yourself towards a full-time income (not an immediate full-time income when you start that you can go quit your job now)
  • A strong desire to want this and succeed

So to deal with the issues I have highlighted above, I have to make sure the package I’ve chosen to recommend for my friends in the club have to satisfy the following criteria

1- It has to promise a strong foundation from a well taught and easy to understand and practical course.

2- It has to cost not a lot of money to start.

3- It has to have great 24/7 online help and real people or a community to help you along (all the way)

It’s not easy to find one package that meets all these 3 criteria above but after some time of research, comparing all the packages and reading all the reviews I could get hold of.

I have to honestly sincerely say I have never found another more down to earth practical honest and value packed product as I found in Wealthy Affiliate.

I know the name does sound scammy but believe me its far far far from it.It is started by 2, Kyle and Carlson in 2005 and has been for years teaching people the skills of online affiliate marketing.

Today it has close to hundreds of thousands of members working towards building their online business not by flukes, but with solid websites that is optimised to make money using affiliate marketing in the long haul.

I came into this program without the dazzle of millionaires on yacht and dream houses or cars packaging. All it has are simple points of what it does and video instructions of the process or steps to start an honest legitimate website.

In fact, I come in knowing that it takes patience and effort and I was even prepared not to make any money in the first 6 months (even though people report seeing results from as early as 2 months to as late as 2 years depend on the level of work put in).

That was okay for me because what I know is that what I’m building in the first few months is really the foundation. And any foundation built well will see success if I do not give up.

What are some of these foundations without getting too technical;

  • How to get organic traffic, not purchased traffic which is challenging to sustain for long term
  • Sites that prevents spammers dropping comments and getting it black listed or banned by search engines
  • Sites that are built with good content that ethically helps people rather than solicit just for a sale.
  • Sites that create an experience for your users and make them happy to be there.

Why do I call this site Easy Online Business?

Because being tricked into a dishonest program or one that is over promising and over delivering is HARD.

Being lead into doing a business that is not suitable for the person is HARD.

Having to pay so much upfront on a program that requires you to pay even more in upselling within the program is HARD.

A broken dream or an empty promise is always HARD.


It’s EASY because of proper education.

It’s EASY because it’s a structured course not with textbook theories and no practice. It is one where someone learns and immediately given a checklist of things to do. It’s easy because these are broken into small easy steps.

It’s EASY because of guidance of experts practitioners who have made it the same way, building brick up on brick, one step at a time in their online business.

It’s EASY because your progress is a concern of others in the community. People who care about your success and I assure you that I’ll be up there as your top help to my utmost ability.

But for sure, I have made it easy for you here by removing all the risk by my professional judgement of this product and my honest desire to help you get what works for you and then to succeed.

Click the below banner to get in or if you want to find out more. Check out my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate.


As my utmost concern of your success, I have put together a package call the EASYWAY based on the principles that I use to do everything in my job, career, vocation and family so far. I wanted it to be an e-book but I have decided to make it FREE and accessible for you as a BONUS from me.

So for now, click below to access the info

It is a proven system to achieve all that you set your heart to achieve and it has worked for me for over 20 years in multiple industries. I first taught this 17 years ago and it has been used and practised by many for years.

No, it doesn’t promise instant success as you know by now that is not what I stand by. It will promise a proven path to success in steps and its what I use daily for my new venture here too.

I will appreciate if this sounds like the foundation for you that you click on the link and start the program. Remember the starter program is $0 so you have nothing to lose to go in and see if it is all that I said it is.

If you wish to know more before you decide about the Wealthy Affiliate, read my honest review about it as I used it when I first started building my websites.

Thank you. Feel free to drop me your questions if you need help what so ever. I’m truly here back in this industry to help and  I thank you in advance for supporting my cause if you choose to sign up for this program.



Find Your Niche – What Is Your X-Factor

A niche is a term used in biological science to state the organism’s role in an ecosystem. Every organism has a special role that makes them useful.

In an online business world, it’s the same. It’s as simple as what you are meant to do to get paid in the business.

It is your X-Factor.

It is important to find your niche because finding it means finding your fit in life, your purpose in the world that makes you most alive.

The easy way I have encountered to describing my niche is to have the following 3 things about me come together.

  • Something I’m good at
  • Something I like to do
  • Something people are willing to pay me for

Getting to my X-Factor is an important first step to start your Easy Online Business.


You can answer the 3 questions yourself or you can write to 10 people who are closest to you the following note:

“Hi my friend, I’m doing a project to find out what I’m good at. If you can use 5 words to describe what I’m good at and 5 words to describe what is important to me, what would it be? So it’s 1) What I’m good at and 2) What do you think is important to me?

There’s no right or wrong answer. Just your honest opinion. This will help me know myself better and hopefully be a better friend to you. Thank you

Your friend 


When you have the responses, put the answers all together. Find repeats in each list and rate them according to how many times a particular term is repeated.

Look at the tops ones. Then ask yourself which ones are the things my friends think I’m good at and important to me that I REALLY LIKE TO DO.

Then for each of them, ask if it’s it’s possible that one day if I work hard and persists on it, that people pay me for that which I like to do.

That thing I end with is my potential niche.

But it may not be my only niche. It may take time to find out others but I will never know until I try

Hope the exercise is helpful.  It was for me.

With know my niche, I could fulfill one of my childhood dreams. I learned from my friends and family what I’m good at and what is important to me. It was music and its consistent to what people say about me.

Today I have my own online guitar shop called myO’Guitarshop online using products from Amazon’s affiliate program. It’s possible because I found my Niche and working through Wealthy Affiliate as a program to get me there.

There’s a video I would like to share with you.

I will give you a preview here of a training within the #1 recommended program to show you how practical it is to work on the program with the niche you have.  This is the actual training to give you an idea what it is like to be trained there.

Click on the scene and enjoy.

So what’s your niche? And how did you find out your niche?

Cut Out What’s Not Necessary and Make it Easier

My childhood dream was to be a guitarist. However,  I couldn’t really play guitar properly the first 15 years of my playing life. Why? Because I didn’t know how to cut out what’s not necessary and make it easier. For the most part of those years, I practiced a lot but I practiced all the wrong things.  I couldn’t even carry myself to play one whole song properly. It wasn’t until much later that I found my reason was that I was too distracted by what’s not necessary to become a player.

I played to be cool rather than be effective. Instead of learning to play whole songs, I would challenge myself to play parts. The most complex chords, scales with weird fingerings, only cool phrases and shred as fast as I could. I would even practice the weird stage looks.

At the end of the day, I could do fancy things, but I couldn’t play one good song. Not even one.

When the internet came about, with more YouTube teachers, information and distractions, things went further south.

Isn’t it the same as an aspiring entrepreneur, starting an online business?

Ever felt like you have clocked in the hours but could never get the results to show? I believe all of us ever felt this way. We have fallen victims to doing all the activities of maintaining a business but not the things to succeed.

We checked our emails.
We networked in all the social media.
We check our visitor stats.
We checked our emails again.
We facebook.
We move pictures around our website.
We grammar check.
We checked emails one last time.
We listen to a business podcast.
We change themes for our website.
We beautify our online store.
We checked emails again last time… honestly!
We journal our day how we check our email too many times.

You get the picture?

It wasn’t until I found a certain program, that I stop going in circles. The program helped me identify what is necessary (and what is not), cut stuff out and make my online business easier.

For me, the greatest issue was the activities of beautifying my website and checking Google analytics, that I forgot to find out how to bring in the sales.

That program is an online learning center that helped me to change my habit. It guided me in a step by step way with exact list of things to do after every lesson (See below for a sample of the list at the end of one of the lessons)

With that, there is no way I can get distracted by doing what doesn’t matter (at least not before doing all that matters on a particular day).  I could focus on just what is needed to set up an effective website and then an effective online business before finally what is the most effective forward to chalk in the sales.

I’m amazed how easy it is if we cut out what is not necessary. It’s not that building a business is simple, it just a much easier way. The way of learning, applying and doing it together with a real community that cares.

Wealthy Affiliate is that certain program over 10,000 members that made it for me. Basically, it contains the blueprint to start an affiliate business by just following the steps that made other successful entrepreneurs. Today with several successful websites, I believe in this easy online business method. I know how to because of this program helped me. I’m grateful and want to help you too.

You check out my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate.

Or if you want to jump right in to try it for free, feel free to do it. You can setup 2 websites as a starter member so you don’t have to pay a single cent.

How about you? I love to know what are your distractions? What are the things you have cut out in order to make building an online business easier?

What Success Need

Do you sometimes feel like this?

In this day online, we are faced with information overload. If we take in everything we find on the internet, we’ll get ourselves cluttered with too many things and hindered from what is needed for our online business.

There must be an easier way. A way to get just what is needed.

Indeed there is. Below is what success online need.

1. Mindset of Success

First, we need to know…

We are not too old. The best days are ahead of us.
We are not too unhealthy. What is our health was yesterday, today it can be better.
We are not too stupid. Attitude is more important than smartness.

Know we can dream bigger and set goals for what we want in our lives. If we set goals, our mind sets us up to move towards those goals. Otherwise we will miss 100% the goals we do not set. So think about goals and write them down. How many? It doesn’t matter, just make sure its what you really really want in your life.

2. Know Our Unique Values

We are not an accident. We are not randomly put here to survive. We are unique masterpieces created for something greater and more special than we can imagine.

When we are unique and special, we will have unique values. Write down what really matters to us. Who are we and what are we made of. In a few points (maybe 3-5), write down what are your top values. Then live them out faithfully.

3. One System That Is Aligned To Our Values

There are too many systems out there and sadly they don’t always align.
Work out ONE system that works and stick to it. Simpleology is one I used before I developed my own DREAM process.

Make other systems you find later integrate with our one core system. If it doesn’t adapt, throw it out. Work with only those that can fit into your One system.

Have a daily, weekly, monthly routine in that system that works for you. It is to be things you’ll focus on and work on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly….. and lifetimely 🙂

Put it all down on paper.

This is it.

Success doesn’t need more.

As you work out the 3 things above, remember to balance things out with fun. Enjoy yourself and play. Always remember to sometimes not take yourself too seriously.

Rest and be, as you are a human being, not a human doing.

Hope this helps. Do feel free to comment and let me know what else does success need?

Your friend,