Good Books To Help You Start An Online Business

If we neglect to read, we neglect to succeed in our online business. One of the most fun aspects of running my own business is make reading an everyday activity in the journey.

Reading 20 minutes a day makes a difference to switch our mind from concern to courage. Having a different frame of mind through reading is a great way to kick us out of our rut.

Convinced that reading is good for you but where do you start? They are so many. So here are some great recommendations for every step of the way:

Step 1: Finding Our Niche

Step 2: Build Your Website

Step 3: Grow Your Audience

Step 4: Earn A Revenue

There are also a lot of free resources on the internet that you can find. The one that I follow is Sean Desouza’s Psychotactics.  I love it and I read it regularly. Whatever it is, the key thing is to get into the habit of reading and hence learning.

The path of being an online entrepreneur requires you to work on yourself. And that is not a bad thing because if life is not about progress and improving ourselves every day, then what is it about?

What are some of the books that helped you in your journey?


If you are just starting and needed an everything in one learning platform that hand hold you every step of the way, check out our #1 recommendation.

How To Easily Create A Website

You want an online business, you need a website.

Yes a website is the shop for your business in the cyber space. It’s such an important element of your business so it sits rightfully up there in the space of concerned mind. Yes, I agree a website sounds like a tough thing to have, so you want to know how to easily create a website.

When we visit an attractive and wonderful website, our self esteem gets hit

We do don’t we. Especially when you stumbled upon one that has been established for decades and has have hundreds of people involved and another thousands of hours of work put into it. Well, its not fair. You can’t compare an huge IKEA warehouse shop with your outlet at the down at the corner street of your little small suburb. Another thing that throws you off guard is the opinion that it takes a beautiful attractive Vogue kind of website to be successful.

But a business is not built on style but it is on trust.

This is a fact that surprised me when I started but very soon found truth to. Yes its true between big and sincere that I will buy from sincere. I will go with whom I trust more.  If the price and quality of both products is the same. I know I’ll get it from who is real, sincere and trustworthy. Trust is based on if the person is who he/she says he/she is. Now, that’s a big relief that I don’t need fancy. I just need to be myself.

Start with the most essential things, content & your brand

Authenticity builds trust, so the best way is to brand yourself as authentically YOURSELF. Sounds easy? But its actually not. Not many people know who they are. They spend a lot of time listening to other people assess them, they forgot what wonderful entrepreneurial creatures they are. They are entrepreneurial based on basically who they are and how God has wired them up to be. So if an authentic self is a brand, then build the website around that and trust can be cultivated through time.

So now, the new goal is how to easily create a website that is built around trust. The new goal needs us to write content that we are comfortable to write. No, we don’t need to know everything, we have room to learn along the way. The beauty of it is that because we have chosen to be ourself, we write the things that resonant with us. For example, if you like photography, write about photography. Or if you are a success driven person, write about success. If you someone who loves to teach, write about teaching or education. Content is built upon our passion.

With your brand and the right content, you are well on your way of beginning the journey.

Seriously, you still need to build the darn website.

You can get websites built for free. Wealthy Affiliate allows you to build 2 website based on WordPress and hosted on Siterubix over their free account. Not only that they allow you learn how to build the whole online business based on affiliate marketing free. There is a video about how to build a website in 30 seconds that I like to show you. It’s done before your eyes in 30 seconds. This will show you if this way is a good fit for you when you launch your website and join the club.


There is no best time to start than NOW

Most of us want to start an online business but only some of us are able to take that leap. It is so because its believed to be a big leap that it’ll cost a lot of money and a lot of skills is required. What our Club has done is to recommend the easiest way using a proven platform that has brought success to many. So I really do want to encourage you to give our #1 Recommendation a try.

It’s free for 2 sites with Siterubix domain  or its $49 per month for unlimited own customised domain once you want to commit to do it for long term. I have researched and found out this is the most cost efficient and effective way to start.

I currently have a package where I’ll include 2 bonuses for you. #1) I will help you design a simple logo to start you off and then within a month #2) I will help you redress your website so that it will look more organised. My gift is to help (see my profile) and I’ll be more than happy to coach you along in this journey. When you sign up look for “hthiew”.

Hey, do drop me a comment with any questions or queries you may have about starting your online business. I’ll get back to you seriously within a day! And I read all my comments.

How To Start A Blog With WordPress

Today, I want to help you start a blog with WordPress as your blogging platform. WordPress is the proven standard for blogging. Most of the successful bloggers you find out there choose to use WordPress when they started.

Why would you want to start a blog? A blog is the foundation of a dynamic website. It helps you create content and update your website easily. A website that is updated with regular content is loved by search engines like Google and will rank your site favourably and hence attract more traffic to your site.

Here is a tutorial how to start a blog using WordPress.

The first step is to find a host. A host is where your blog will be housed. A host also provides you with a custom domain name. It is an address so that people can find you. For example, you can call your site with XYZ a custom brand name of your business.

I recommend BlueHost, my preferred host for as long as 20 years already. They are affordable at only USD2.95 per month now (compared to the usual USD7.99).

The good news is now for sign ups for the first time, bluehost is offering a free one-year domain registration fee. That’s saving of almost USD 15 per year.

They have good customer service should help is needed for you.

STEP 1: Get Your Website with Free Domain Name

Click the below image and select the “Get Started Now” button

STEP 2: Select The Hosting Plan.

There is the basic plan for 1 website, but I suggest to go for the multiple website plans and save in the long run when you want to start more blogs. Due to the offers right now, between the PLUS and PRIME plans, choose PRIME is the same price now as the PLUS.

If not, BASIC will also do fine.

STEP 3: Choose Your Domain Name.

If you already know the domain name you want, enter it in the new ‘domain’ box. Click ‘Next’ and you’ll find out if the name is available for you or taken by someone else already. If it is taken, you’ll have to choose another one. If you have not decided on the name, you can do so later as well.

STEP 4: Enter your account and payment information


STEP 5: After You Have Made The Purchase, Go Create Your Password

STEP 6: Once You Are In, Get Ready To Install WordPress

WordPress is easy to install and free.

At the CPanel, under “Website”, you’ll see a “One Click Install” button. Click and select the Scripts under Most Popular called “WordPress Version (Latest, in this example 4.7.3)”, it is the one on the far left side.

STEP 7: Select The Domain You Want To Install WordPress to

This domain should be the one you have picked earlier.

Click NEXT, and congratulations, you have setup a blog and installed WordPress and ready to start your blogging adventure.

That’s it for a simple tutorial, how you can setup a WordPress blog using Bluehost! If you have any questions, let me a comment below or if all this sounds good, let’s get started.



Maybe you feel that such installation is too technical for me and you want a solid integrated program that helps you install a blog on your own website and includes training from startup to how to make money from your website.

Check out Wealthy Affiliate, our club’s #1 recommendation

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Steps To Start Your Online Business


You want to start an online business but are afraid that it is a difficult and complex task? Just like starting any business, it has many paths, some easier than others, it similar for an online business. However, an online business can be made simpler and easier if one follows 4 broad steps.

Want to be guided in a 7 day online transformation?
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In this post, I would like to spell out the 4 broad steps so that you can understand what will be involved in your path ahead. These steps will become your compass and make starting your online business a less daunting task.

Step 1. Find A Niche

The process starts with identifying what you are meant to do in this world. What is the thing you are able to be of help and service to most people. Regardless of your passion or your niche, there is a market for it. On the internet of over 3.9 billion internet users, there is a group you can market your products and services to. It all starts with finding your niche. With it, you can go on to Step 2.

More thoughts about finding your niche

Step 2. Build A Website

This is what differentiate a business and an online business. While a business set up a physical store, an online business operates in cyberspace using a website. Instead of a physical address, it uses a web address. The art of building a website becomes the key step. Today this step is made easier than we can possibly imagine 10-20 years ago.

How to build your site without making it rocket science

Step 3. Attract an Audience

After a website is built, the next step is to attract visitors to the website. There are tools and ways to effectively do it. Using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) using Google Advertising and Keyword Research like Jaaxy, one can possibly draw thousands of visitors to your website. It is also done through information and content we build into our website so that visitors keep coming.

More about growing your audience

Step 4. Earn a Revenue

With an audience, we can start earning a revenue. This can be done through advertisements for others, through marketing your own products by setting up an e-commerce feature online and even marketing other people’s products (called Affiliate marketing). Today’s technology makes all these easier and possible. You can also explore Email marketing where your website becomes the base to collect emails from your visitors so that you can email them to promote your products or services. In summary, the sky is the limit what you can do to earn a revenue.

More about making money online

These broad steps become a compass to keep you heading the right direction.  The details in each of these steps become the art of who you are as an entrepreneur. It may vary with individual style, risk factor, personality and business sense.

Starting an online business doesn’t have to be difficult, it can be made easy if you make it a growing life-time adventure.

These 4 steps are the exact same steps used by a tool that I personally use to develop my online business.

Wealthy Affiliate is a proven online program established since 2005. It’s a market leader with the most cost effective and easy way to learn and build the business at the same time. It makes the 4 steps simple and practical with a $0 Starter program to get you inside to view first.

To sign up click the following. No credit card needed, just simply get in there and check out for yourself if it is a suitable program for you and why it has become our Top #1 recommendation.

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I wish you all the best in the start of your online adventure. Do let me know if you need any help and I am more than happy to answer your question and personally coach you in the process.

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I also have a LIMITED TIME BONUS for you. If you sign up as a premium member of the program. I will guide you to build your website in an hour after you chosen your niche and guide you to set up the business within a month.

On top of that, I will personally design a web logo for your company and do a redressing of your website within that first month.

You know how important the look of your website is, and with my many years of website design experience, I will give that to you for free but only if you sign up within this LIMITED TIME. Thank you for dropping by and just offering you this and hope to coaching you in this journey.


Build Your Website – Don’t Make it Rocket Science

Build a website?


No thank you! I don’t think I’m technical enough to do it.

You hear this almost instantly when someone is asked to build a website. I mean how would an average person who has no experience in building a website do it?

Well, truth be said, that it’s not as complex as you think? Nowadays building a website is easier than you think.  If you google “How to build a website” online, you’ll see countless of methods and ways to build a website.


However, there are still steps. 5 Steps, 7 Steps, 9 Steps, 11 Steps, Some offer 15 Steps!!

The simplest one I saw was 6 steps from the site know for simplifying life.

But their 6 steps still involve

1. Put your ideas together

2. Set a budget

3. Find and choose your domain name

4. Build your website (huh?)

5. Choose your web host

6. Market your website

And it’s still not straightforward with a budget needed, information what is this host and domain name and decision where to find one and later who will host the domain for them.

For the not so initiated, this is too broad and still too complex a thing to do. Notice that in step 4, it in itself is called “Build your website” to make one go back to square one on the issue at hand.

What if there’s an easier way? A much easier way? Something that is packaged for you that you just need to work on following the instructions step by step in a concise and clear way on Video.

When I was in university 20 over years ago, we learned how to built websites but it was a part of a course fee that costs thousands of dollars. Today it’s gazillion times simpler and faster and we can get it simply for free.

Wealthy Affiliate’s $0 no credit card needed starter membership allows one user to build 2 sites hosted by Siterubix.  That’s amazing simplicity and out of the world value.

If fact, I would like to show you a video training that happens within Wealthy Affiliate, our #1 Recommended program how one can build a website in under 30 seconds.

Yes, you heard it. It’s not a gimmick, it’s real life demonstration by Kyle, one of the founders of the program as proof to you now simple it is to follow a step by step process that an average person like you and me can do.

Click on the screen capture below. Enjoy

Thanks for checking out this content. Hope you learned heaps.

Make sure you drop a feedback or comment about how you build your website?

Your friend,


Cut Out What’s Not Necessary and Make it Easier

My childhood dream was to be a guitarist. However,  I couldn’t really play guitar properly the first 15 years of my playing life. Why? Because I didn’t know how to cut out what’s not necessary and make it easier. For the most part of those years, I practiced a lot but I practiced all the wrong things.  I couldn’t even carry myself to play one whole song properly. It wasn’t until much later that I found my reason was that I was too distracted by what’s not necessary to become a player.

I played to be cool rather than be effective. Instead of learning to play whole songs, I would challenge myself to play parts. The most complex chords, scales with weird fingerings, only cool phrases and shred as fast as I could. I would even practice the weird stage looks.

At the end of the day, I could do fancy things, but I couldn’t play one good song. Not even one.

When the internet came about, with more YouTube teachers, information and distractions, things went further south.

Isn’t it the same as an aspiring entrepreneur, starting an online business?

Ever felt like you have clocked in the hours but could never get the results to show? I believe all of us ever felt this way. We have fallen victims to doing all the activities of maintaining a business but not the things to succeed.

We checked our emails.
We networked in all the social media.
We check our visitor stats.
We checked our emails again.
We facebook.
We move pictures around our website.
We grammar check.
We checked emails one last time.
We listen to a business podcast.
We change themes for our website.
We beautify our online store.
We checked emails again last time… honestly!
We journal our day how we check our email too many times.

You get the picture?

It wasn’t until I found a certain program, that I stop going in circles. The program helped me identify what is necessary (and what is not), cut stuff out and make my online business easier.

For me, the greatest issue was the activities of beautifying my website and checking Google analytics, that I forgot to find out how to bring in the sales.

That program is an online learning center that helped me to change my habit. It guided me in a step by step way with exact list of things to do after every lesson (See below for a sample of the list at the end of one of the lessons)

With that, there is no way I can get distracted by doing what doesn’t matter (at least not before doing all that matters on a particular day).  I could focus on just what is needed to set up an effective website and then an effective online business before finally what is the most effective forward to chalk in the sales.

I’m amazed how easy it is if we cut out what is not necessary. It’s not that building a business is simple, it just a much easier way. The way of learning, applying and doing it together with a real community that cares.

Wealthy Affiliate is that certain program over 10,000 members that made it for me. Basically, it contains the blueprint to start an affiliate business by just following the steps that made other successful entrepreneurs. Today with several successful websites, I believe in this easy online business method. I know how to because of this program helped me. I’m grateful and want to help you too.

You check out my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate.

Or if you want to jump right in to try it for free, feel free to do it. You can setup 2 websites as a starter member so you don’t have to pay a single cent.

How about you? I love to know what are your distractions? What are the things you have cut out in order to make building an online business easier?

Easy Website Hosting

Website hosting is competitive and most of the big names offer easy web publishing using Word press as the blogging platform.

I don’t believe there’s much difference amongst most of the hosting companies.

If its only web hosting you need, I’ll recommend what I’ve always been with since my first website 14-16 years ago. These guys at Bluehost are helpful and with the 24 hours support, I can get my website up relatively fast. I never hesitate to get someone on my online chat and most of my issues no matter how trivial or big it is gets solved in the fastest possible way.

As I’ve used them for over 10 years for almost all my sites before I found Wealthy Affiliate (which does hosting and more) they have not failed me. If you signed up with them, I can personally coach you to get your website up also. I’ll be more than happy to do that just click on the “Bluehost” link below

But if you want a comprehensive program from scratch, check out my WealthyAffliate review which is our #1 Recommendation.

Drop me a comment if you have any queries or write to me for personal coaching on how to start a website.