Why Do I Say Online Business Is Easy?

I’m not an enterprise or a corporation. I’m just a regular person with years of experience working in IT and someone who likes to help.

The picture on the right is taken outside the university library last year when I brought my wife and kids to visit the place I spent 4 years pursuing an honours degree in Computer Science in Perth, Western Australia.

I graduated in 1993. That was a good 24 years ago.

Little did I know then what I know today. That it doesn’t take 4 years of university studies or tens of thousands dollars of school fees to learn how to start an online business.

How internet and technology came and changed our world? Today, if anyone wants to, a profitable online business can be achieved, if I may say 10 times easier and faster.

You may have read testimonies of lifestyle entrepreneurs who became millionaires and make earning money online look so easy.

Well, that is of course only partially true.

No! It is not easy because it takes a lot of hard work and grit for these people to be where they are, but

Yes! It is easy because compare to 10-20 years ago, this level of success and the speed in which it is achieved is technically so possible now.

Where you are and whoever you may be, if you are connected to the internet, it can be a reality.

I know you may be thinking, am I talking about some “Get-Rich-Quick” schemes?

No, I’ve better ethics than to recommend what I’m not 100% certain will benefit you.  So it’s far from a shiny product for making money fast.

I’m talking about an honest and ethical business with a solid internet marketing strategy.

It will be just like studying in the university to lay the foundation, only that it doesn’t take that long and with that exorbitant school fees.

There is no qualifications exams or admission requirement either.

All it takes is …
+ Some basic computer skills
+ Ability to follow step by step instructions (even if you have only an hour a day)
+ A heart of wanting to learn and grow through what it takes to start a new venture

“What about products to sell?” and “How about a big capital?”. I hear you ask.

Well, you don’t need any products to sell through the method of Affiliate Marketing that I will show you. And you’ll be surprised how little capital is required.

With some hard work and dedication plus a belief in this fact that Affiliate Marketing our recommended way is a growing and soon to be 6.8 billion dollar industry, everyone can make a personal online business possible.

It is not complicated and not just for geeks like me.

It’s down to knowing what to do and how to do it.

With the right guidance. I know it is practically 10 times easier, and 10 times faster for everyday people like you and me.


Here at the EASY ONLINE BUSINESS Club, I will show you how to start your online business with the right training that will give you 100% solid foundation in affiliate marketing. 

The best time to start is today.

Let’s begin with some questions you may have.


If you have other questions, do drop me a line and I’m more than glad to help.

Your friend,


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What do you do in a Changing Business World?

Jobs will be replaced by systems

Traditional businesses will not survive

Old mindsets will not create new customers

“So what do you do in an ever changing business world?”


Imagine …

.. the base of people who buy from you or follow you is now 5.7 million (based on population in Singapore), …. but after 1 month, sky rocket to 7,500 million (based on population of the world)?

.. You overcoming your fear of getting left behind because you took action earlier than others?

… And for you who have not started, you could EASILY START THE ONLINE BUSINESS you always wanted to.  Did it FAST and with a SMALL STARTUP COST.

Now, what future will it give you and your business?

The world is changing and the best time to take ACTION is NOW.

Why me?

I have 10-15 years of IT Consultancy in various sector including Education, Health, Government and Non-Profit.

I served as a kids pastor for 12 years. I’m friendly and use little jargon in my consultancy.

I’m 100% dedicated to software, hardware and human-ware. I have built systems that work and thrive after I’m gone. I have online applications that work and generate results (and some still in operation after 10 years). I have turned a 2 volunteer team organisation to one with committed teams in one decade.

I can build a website that goes up in 1 hour and a whole business with all the systems in place in 1 month that not only works now but thrive for the future. Click for more information About HT. In summary, I can bring you something that works for your situation.

I can help you take action in 3 Ways

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Online Business Made Easy For Beginners

Our club’s name is Easy Online Business. Many people asked me why is it termed “easy”. Acknowledging that building an online business isn’t an easy task, I’m not surprised by the question.

However, I want to shed some light on this matter.

First of all, nothing is easy. There’s no occupation that pays us money that is easy. Money doesn’t come to us without work, effort and dedication, so to term any occupation easy isn’t going to be true also.

But isn’t it valid to say that while no job is easy but every job can be made easy?

Having said that, in my 20 years of experience working in various industry, I know that online business can be made easy because of many factors that we have today unlike many years ago.  It is because of these factors that Easy Online Business Club is setup.

We truly believe in the online strategy of doing business using affiliate marketing. And all the more, we are passionate about it because of the following factor of how an Online Business can be made easy:

It doesn’t take 4 years of university & tens of thousands of school fee to start an online business.

A business doesn’t need a physical shop where people travel to, it can be a virtual shop where people surf the net to get to.

An affiliate marketing online business means you can sell products you do not have. And when someone buy something, you don’t need to deliver it.

It’s now a billion dollar per year industry and it proves that e-commerce is the way to do and that people do buy things online.

Many people have done it and are successful in it, so there is a trail given to us.

There’s an affordable academy where you learn to do this step by step and it includes hosting, training, step by step training, community and school support and all the latest trend update so that any layman can do it.

We truly believe in the online strategy of doing business using affiliate marketing. And all the more, we are passionate about it because of the above factors of how an Online Business can be made easy. If someone would have started this 10 years ago, he or she would have been successful by now, but it’s not too late, there’re stats and figures to predict that people shopping online aren’t going to go away, so don’t wait, take action now and begin your journey here at our club.

Good Books To Help You Start An Online Business

If we neglect to read, we neglect to succeed in our online business. One of the most fun aspects of running my own business is make reading an everyday activity in the journey.

Reading 20 minutes a day makes a difference to switch our mind from concern to courage. Having a different frame of mind through reading is a great way to kick us out of our rut.

Convinced that reading is good for you but where do you start? They are so many. So here are some great recommendations for every step of the way:

Step 1: Finding Our Niche

Step 2: Build Your Website

Step 3: Grow Your Audience

Step 4: Earn A Revenue

There are also a lot of free resources on the internet that you can find. The one that I follow is Sean Desouza’s Psychotactics.  I love it and I read it regularly. Whatever it is, the key thing is to get into the habit of reading and hence learning.

The path of being an online entrepreneur requires you to work on yourself. And that is not a bad thing because if life is not about progress and improving ourselves every day, then what is it about?

What are some of the books that helped you in your journey?


If you are just starting and needed an everything in one learning platform that hand hold you every step of the way, check out our #1 recommendation.

Building Your Online Business With More Joy and Less Pain

Persevere Joyfully.
No one feels totally comfortable. I say not a single one, not even those who have made it. Being uncomfortable and needed to overcome that pain is part of the business. It is because of the need to “cut through”. If this is what you love, persevere because persevering helps you cut through the crowd. Then you’ll get to the other side where only a few are left standing. That’s when you find a real niche in the market. It is a course correction for many who will drop out, but let it be a joyful persevering in the right path for you.
Cut The Loss And Start Again.
However on the other hand, if you know online business is your thing but you find it extremely hard going writing for the chosen niche, then allow me to say it. “Consider cutting the loss and start again”. It is comforting that through the tough times, you still believe in your online business. But if the issue is being in a niche you don’t love, it is better to do the hard work of cutting the loss, than to keep going. It will be a lot less pain in the long run.
Stick Through The Right Niche With The Right Routine.
Getting your niche right goes a long way. When you got the first part right, invest in a routine. It is the hardest thing to prioritise when there are so many things to look into. But if you are aware of yourself and what makes you YOU, you have a better shot at doing better. Are you a morning or an evening person? Do you like a quiet work environment or one with a little bit of noise? Know yourself and develop a daily routine that you can stick to. Research has told us that if something for a consistent 60 days, you develop an automatic habit. That habit of doing the right routine for your business is the routine for success.
The Right Routine Don’t Need To Be Just A Daily One.
A Weekly or a Monthly one Works As Well?
If you are finding a daily routine too limiting and doesn’t go with your type of entrepreneurial spirit, have a weekly or monthly one instead. But the routine here is a routine of review. Do a weekly or a monthly review to chart where are you and where is next place you want to be. It is imperative to review your progress against your goals. This is so you’ll have lesser pain of regret down the line.
Have Learning & Reading in your Routine.
Make your online business venture a personal growth project. As you develop to be an expert in your niche, have a routine of reading books, articles and learning from others. Read as many blogs of your similar niche either through articles, podcasts or videos. Don’t forget beyond the business side, to grow on your personal front. To be a great entrepreneur requires you to be a great person.
Systematise By Having Things Done In Batches.
I listened to a podcast a few days back.
It talks about how to overcome the problem of a site that is dying due to irregular and inconsistent generation of content. The straight answer to that is to do things in batches. The podcast propose writing several articles at a time. Do several videos in one shooting session. Spend the day commenting on the forums. Or do all the social media marketing at one go. Stocktake and critic your web design together etc. You get the idea! When work are batched, you end with products in batches. Then you have more room to play around with and you can release your content when its time in a consistent and regular fashion hence satisfying your site visitors of the content they crave. Whatever it is, develop a routine of doing things in batches.
Pain is your friend.
It’s an enemy at first. You get frustrated by it, you kick it and shout at it and you fight it with all your heart. Then you realise that after the pain, there’s always comfort and a new flow begin to emerge.
Your most creative ideas often come from a pain that spurs you towards a creative solution in your online business. I have made it a point to make pain my friend.
I will make it my friend but I will not try to change pain. Pain serves its purpose being what it is; a pain in our life that motivates us to do better. So building your online business with no pain is impossible but with less pain, we surely can.
I hope this post will help you navigate through your roadblocks in your online business. When you do that, you position yourself to build your online business with lesser pain.


Steps To Start Your Online Business


You want to start an online business but are afraid that it is a difficult and complex task? Just like starting any business, it has many paths, some easier than others, it similar for an online business. However, an online business can be made simpler and easier if one follows 4 broad steps.

Want to be guided in a 7 day online transformation?
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In this post, I would like to spell out the 4 broad steps so that you can understand what will be involved in your path ahead. These steps will become your compass and make starting your online business a less daunting task.

Step 1. Find A Niche

The process starts with identifying what you are meant to do in this world. What is the thing you are able to be of help and service to most people. Regardless of your passion or your niche, there is a market for it. On the internet of over 3.9 billion internet users, there is a group you can market your products and services to. It all starts with finding your niche. With it, you can go on to Step 2.

More thoughts about finding your niche

Step 2. Build A Website

This is what differentiate a business and an online business. While a business set up a physical store, an online business operates in cyberspace using a website. Instead of a physical address, it uses a web address. The art of building a website becomes the key step. Today this step is made easier than we can possibly imagine 10-20 years ago.

How to build your site without making it rocket science

Step 3. Attract an Audience

After a website is built, the next step is to attract visitors to the website. There are tools and ways to effectively do it. Using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) using Google Advertising and Keyword Research like Jaaxy, one can possibly draw thousands of visitors to your website. It is also done through information and content we build into our website so that visitors keep coming.

More about growing your audience

Step 4. Earn a Revenue

With an audience, we can start earning a revenue. This can be done through advertisements for others, through marketing your own products by setting up an e-commerce feature online and even marketing other people’s products (called Affiliate marketing). Today’s technology makes all these easier and possible. You can also explore Email marketing where your website becomes the base to collect emails from your visitors so that you can email them to promote your products or services. In summary, the sky is the limit what you can do to earn a revenue.

More about making money online

These broad steps become a compass to keep you heading the right direction.  The details in each of these steps become the art of who you are as an entrepreneur. It may vary with individual style, risk factor, personality and business sense.

Starting an online business doesn’t have to be difficult, it can be made easy if you make it a growing life-time adventure.

These 4 steps are the exact same steps used by a tool that I personally use to develop my online business.

Wealthy Affiliate is a proven online program established since 2005. It’s a market leader with the most cost effective and easy way to learn and build the business at the same time. It makes the 4 steps simple and practical with a $0 Starter program to get you inside to view first.

To sign up click the following. No credit card needed, just simply get in there and check out for yourself if it is a suitable program for you and why it has become our Top #1 recommendation.

If you wish to know more about this program before you signup, check out my review HERE @ My Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate.

I wish you all the best in the start of your online adventure. Do let me know if you need any help and I am more than happy to answer your question and personally coach you in the process.

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On top of that, I will personally design a web logo for your company and do a redressing of your website within that first month.

You know how important the look of your website is, and with my many years of website design experience, I will give that to you for free but only if you sign up within this LIMITED TIME. Thank you for dropping by and just offering you this and hope to coaching you in this journey.


Should I Begin The Journey Of Starting An Online Business?

Even though I was in the IT industry for 10 years before I went for a 12 years hiatus, the first question that came to me when I started this online journey again was..

Am I too old to do this?

Some of you, your question may be “am I too young?”

Well, I’m glad to be able to tell you, that starting an online business is not an age thing.

Doing an online business is about building trust with the type of people you come in contact with. There will always be a niche (or group of people) you can do business with regardless of your age.

Because there is always people who will be like you and who can relate to you if you have something genuine to share with them.

You have to be honest about who you are, get yourself out there and build the trust.

Trust is built on the authenticity of who you are, not who are not. The good news is that “who you are” is based on something you really have. Not what you do not.

How about start up $capital?

Do I need a lot of money to start with? Let me be honest about how much I spent in the first 3 months of starting my online business using Wealthy Affiliate, our Club’s #1 recommendation.

1st Month:
$49 for education and website hosting
$13 for a year domain name.

2nd Month:
$49 for education and website hosting
$5 for work on designing my website logo with Fiverr (optional)

3rd Month:
$49 for education and website hosting

As you can see, the only recurring cost is only the $49 monthly fee. And that program gives you everything from education, a community that supports you and hosting of the site.

I am in the premium program which has the occuring fee but Wealthy Affiliate has a Starter program which will cost you $0, that’s right ZERO dollars for the first 2 websites on Siterubix (that means no personal domain).

That starter account gives you ALL the training, apremium member enjoy. *I opted for the premium because of the community help and coaching that it offers. If you just want to start, the cost is virtually NO Cost.

So costs should not hinder you from starting something here.

How about time?

Will you have the time to do it? I know Ewen Chia, and many other online success stories started with 2 hours after work every day to do it. I spend like 0.5 hours to 2 hours a day with a day job and many people are spending different amount of time seeing results at different rate. I would say that as long as you are able to consistently give some time to this, it will work for you.

How long will it be before you can see success?

From 6 months to 3 years depending on the level of work and the consistency you put in.

So finally, having debunk all the about myths about age, cost and time. Is this journey for everyone?

I will be lying to say yes, so I have to say No! It’s not.


It’s not for those who have a sudden dream to be rich

It’s not for those who do not enjoy selling by helping people

It’s not for those who gets distracted easily by other means of making a living.

Basically its not for people who’s impatient and cannot wait.

But I have to also say Yes! It is.


It’s for those who has a long seeking dream to do it.

It’s for those who can sell by helping people solve their problems.

It’s for those who is willing to put in the effort to see success.

It’s for those who enjoy copywriting or don’t mind learning how to do it

(Optional) Those who like to work with others in teams to see greater success.

Basically, the most important thing, it is for those who is humble to learn and grow to be a better self everyday.

Should you begin the Journey Of Starting An Online Business?

I’ll say that if you are still determined to after reading this post, GO FOR IT.


If you procrastinate, you may miss the opportunity and the drive to start maybe gone forever.

Anyway with our #1 recommendation with absolute free membership, you have nothing to lose.

Click the “Wealthy Affiliate Signup” below, and change your path for the better.

If you want to learn more before you decide, I suggest you start with our Club’s 4 Steps

Let’s start from Step 1: Finding your Niche or What Is Your X Factor?

The Best Way To Start An Online Business

  • There many ways. How can there be the best way?

    Ok, I know there’s no one best way to start an online business. But through the years I come to know that there really is because time and time again, I see people start off on the wrong footing and that has subtely became the wrong foundation for what they do. One that leads them to fail.

    There are prevalent issues faced by start ups and it not a surprise as statistics tell us that 80% of all online businesses fail within the first 3 months. These wrong footings could possibly be because of the following:

    – Seeing it as a program rather than a business,

    – Seeing it as a platform to sell things rather than help and

    – Seeing it as a way to your success rather than doing what you love and passionately believe in.

    What if you can build it right from the beginning?

    Just like constructing a high-rise building, it starts up with the right planning and laying the right foundations before the actual building begins, wouldn’t it help our online business for us to do the same?

    There is a way to make your business journey a whole lot easier and overall a more enjoyable trip and that is the best way to build.

    The best way is building the right foundation. The right foundation will be the strong base for you to build your business and to make it last. Here are the 3 that are key foundations to you starting your online business.

1) You are building a business, not signing up for a get rich program

If there’s one thing you’ll notice about the online world, it is that the internet is full of programs packaged as get-rich quickly schemes. While their claims of getting rich is true, but the claims of what it takes to get there isn’t. It is packaged to be easy and everyone come into the program with the hope of being that next overnight success.

I know that almost all overnight successes come with people who have built the right foundation of setting up a business. Building an online business is like building a real company that needed passion, love and hard-work. While this may sound like is a joy damper, it isn’t.  Building a business the right way can be fun and very practical when the right expectation is set; that it is not a get rich program but an ethical and honest and very empowering way for an alternative way of living.

2) You are building it to last not just to be successful for a moment

The second thing is to know you are building it to last, not for just a while. This can easily be achieved to position your business as a setup to help others rather than make money. Not that making money is wrong, it is just that making money is a by-product genuinely offering help to people to solve their problems. Building an organisation to last is about having a product, service or ideas to help people solve the common problems they face in their life. A good way to start is to start by asking ourselves what is it that we have that people need?

I have received a certain divine inspiration when I first began. And in that voice that spoke to me was the assurance that “an enterprise that gives will always have enough to give”. This has been my success motto since that day.

3) You are doing something you love according to your passion not according to the packaging on your program.

The third thing is to build it according to your passion. All of us are wired up differently. And it is precisely this that create a niche market in the world where the right people will come to you for help if you put yourself out there. Doing what you love brings into focus the right customers or clients into your business space. My encouragement to build the right foundation is to build it according to what you really like to do.

Sometimes, we buy into that shiny box with an advertisement and promises of wealth selling what we don’t believe in or personally use. I’ll say, stay away, put down the package and let the idea sink into your system for a day or two. If after a week, you still come back to this, then go for it. Otherwise, seek for your niche according to what you like to do. Is it a product you can sell, a service or an idea you believe in so much that you can promote. Seriously do what you love and heaven will reward you with success beyond measure.

Here are just 3 ways you can easily tell if you honestly ask yourself if you have the right foundation to build an online business.

Read my honest review of a program that focuses on the right foundation

I wish you all the best in your best way to start an online business with the right foundations. Let me know your comment, thoughts and feedback. Would love to hear from you how I can help you in this journey.

Easy Online Business For Dreamers

Dreamers & Doers make up the world. They are different kinds. But each brings unique talents and skills to the table when doing an online business. Dreamers bring great ideas while Doers, great execution. I wonder which are you? In this article, I wish to discuss Easy Online Business for Dreamers and Doers but as I’m a Dreamer, I would like to focus especially what Dreamers can do.

Let me explain both of these people to you.

always inspire a wonderful future. They have great ideas and usually generate a lot of great creativity for starting a business. They explore niches and know there is a market for these niches. They will come up with taglines and other clever marketing. Very quickly, they will find the niche and set up a great website to start it all. Dreamers

Dreamers weakness on the other hand will be the following through their ideas after its all established and setup.

That is where the Doers excel.

Doers always do a great job executing. Period. They do that so well because they know the details of what needs to be done. They are good in the science of the business. To see what needs to be to make the website effective.

Doers weakness is not being very creative. So their science of getting things done is complemented by the art and ideas of the Dreamer.

In the context of our Club’s 4 Steps,

… generally Dreamers are good at Step 1 & 2 while Doers do Step 3 & 4 better. So Step 3 & 4 will be a Dreamer’s challenge in the long run unless the niche is an area of their experience and expertise.


Dreams & Doers Form A Great Team

They will work alongside each other and compliment each other in an online venture.  But of course, such a team takes effort to find and time to nurture them to rock together. So it is common in our imperfect world, Dreamers are stuck with Doer’s type of work.


Dreamers Can Outsource What They Are Not Good In Doing.

They do their talent justice if they can find Doers via sites like Fiverr.com. It is one of our recommended Doer’s movement where Dreamers can ‘un-stuck’  themselves. Looking for people who can write great content and do SEO (Search Engine Optimisation to attract traffic) should be a key Dreamer’s role once their website is established with the chosen niche.

Other sites are

  1. freelancer.com
  2. guru.com
  3. elance.com
  4. iWriter.com


All is good, but …

Usually, the dreamers and doers are one person.

We can’t afford another person at the start, so whether you are a Dreamer or a Doer, we recommend joining a platform with a single integrated learning platform that will teach you everything in the process.

Wealthy Affiliate is such a platform with a starter membership of $0 and is our club #1 recommendation. Alternatively, Affilorama charge only $1 to start. Check out

The Best Legitimate Online Business Course

Otherwise, I wish you all the best finding your Dreamer-Doer team and hope for long lasting success in building an online business.

Let me know what you think? Are you a dreamer or a doer? Share what do you do to leverage on your strength and what do you do to manage your weaknesses?

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