Why Do I Say Online Business Is Easy?

I’m not an enterprise or a corporation. I’m just a regular person with years of experience working in IT and someone who likes to help.

The picture on the right is taken outside the university library last year when I brought my wife and kids to visit the place I spent 4 years pursuing an honours degree in Computer Science in Perth, Western Australia.

I graduated in 1993. That was a good 24 years ago.

Little did I know then what I know today. That it doesn’t take 4 years of university studies or tens of thousands dollars of school fees to learn how to start an online business.

How internet and technology came and changed our world? Today, if anyone wants to, a profitable online business can be achieved, if I may say 10 times easier and faster.

You may have read testimonies of lifestyle entrepreneurs who became millionaires and make earning money online look so easy.

Well, that is of course only partially true.

No! It is not easy because it takes a lot of hard work and grit for these people to be where they are, but

Yes! It is easy because compare to 10-20 years ago, this level of success and the speed in which it is achieved is technically so possible now.

Where you are and whoever you may be, if you are connected to the internet, it can be a reality.

I know you may be thinking, am I talking about some “Get-Rich-Quick” schemes?

No, I’ve better ethics than to recommend what I’m not 100% certain will benefit you.  So it’s far from a shiny product for making money fast.

I’m talking about an honest and ethical business with a solid internet marketing strategy.

It will be just like studying in the university to lay the foundation, only that it doesn’t take that long and with that exorbitant school fees.

There is no qualifications exams or admission requirement either.

All it takes is …
+ Some basic computer skills
+ Ability to follow step by step instructions (even if you have only an hour a day)
+ A heart of wanting to learn and grow through what it takes to start a new venture

“What about products to sell?” and “How about a big capital?”. I hear you ask.

Well, you don’t need any products to sell through the method of Affiliate Marketing that I will show you. And you’ll be surprised how little capital is required.

With some hard work and dedication plus a belief in this fact that Affiliate Marketing our recommended way is a growing and soon to be 6.8 billion dollar industry, everyone can make a personal online business possible.

It is not complicated and not just for geeks like me.

It’s down to knowing what to do and how to do it.

With the right guidance. I know it is practically 10 times easier, and 10 times faster for everyday people like you and me.


Here at the EASY ONLINE BUSINESS Club, I will show you how to start your online business with the right training that will give you 100% solid foundation in affiliate marketing. 

The best time to start is today.

Let’s begin with some questions you may have.


If you have other questions, do drop me a line and I’m more than glad to help.

Your friend,


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Online Business Made Easy For Beginners

Our club’s name is Easy Online Business. Many people asked me why is it termed “easy”. Acknowledging that building an online business isn’t an easy task, I’m not surprised by the question.

However, I want to shed some light on this matter.

First of all, nothing is easy. There’s no occupation that pays us money that is easy. Money doesn’t come to us without work, effort and dedication, so to term any occupation easy isn’t going to be true also.

But isn’t it valid to say that while no job is easy but every job can be made easy?

Having said that, in my 20 years of experience working in various industry, I know that online business can be made easy because of many factors that we have today unlike many years ago.  It is because of these factors that Easy Online Business Club is setup.

We truly believe in the online strategy of doing business using affiliate marketing. And all the more, we are passionate about it because of the following factor of how an Online Business can be made easy:

It doesn’t take 4 years of university & tens of thousands of school fee to start an online business.

A business doesn’t need a physical shop where people travel to, it can be a virtual shop where people surf the net to get to.

An affiliate marketing online business means you can sell products you do not have. And when someone buy something, you don’t need to deliver it.

It’s now a billion dollar per year industry and it proves that e-commerce is the way to do and that people do buy things online.

Many people have done it and are successful in it, so there is a trail given to us.

There’s an affordable academy where you learn to do this step by step and it includes hosting, training, step by step training, community and school support and all the latest trend update so that any layman can do it.

We truly believe in the online strategy of doing business using affiliate marketing. And all the more, we are passionate about it because of the above factors of how an Online Business can be made easy. If someone would have started this 10 years ago, he or she would have been successful by now, but it’s not too late, there’re stats and figures to predict that people shopping online aren’t going to go away, so don’t wait, take action now and begin your journey here at our club.

What Is Affiliate Marketing? Why It Can Produce A Profit For You.

Affiliate Marketing is selling a product on your website for someone who will pay you commission if the sale goes through.

This is a definition of affiliate marketing in it’s simplest form. In our club, we recommend an online business using this lucrative model that can turn your website around and produce profit for you.

The beauty of this way is that unlike traditional e-commerce site, you don’t need to stock products in your home or warehouse. You also do not need to do the delivery because your job is just to refer the buyer to the company’s website. As a referer, you get an instant commission paid to your bank account online.

It’s straight forward, clean and very efficient.

Where do you find companies or person who has products that you can sell? In a phrase. Finding one is easy.

Just Google “Your Niche” + the word “Affiliate”
(for example “Health Food Affiliate” or “Guitar Affiliate”)

… and Google will return hundreds of such companies offering affiliate programs.

You then sign up to be an affiliate and when approved, you setup an account with details of your bank information. The company will provide URL links for you to copy and paste onto your website.

Your job thereafter is to attract the right visitor to your website and when the person comes, click on that link and gets redirected to the company’s website. When he/she buys the problem, the commission gets transferred to your account.

Commission for affiliate marketing can range from as low as 1-2% for computers, and as high as 60% for ebooks, software, and internet marketing products.

These companies who offer these products become your business partners. They are small to mega companies like Amazon, Walmart, ebay and Rakuten. With affiliate marketing, you can literally market and sell anything in the area of your passion and be in business association with any of these awesome corporations.

It’s a win-win partnership. Nothing more complicated than that.

Affiliate Marketing is a growing billion dollar industry and represents THE business model in today’s world wide web.

What do you think? Can Affiliate Marketing make your website into a profit producer?


If you are starting, I recommend you try Affiliate Marketing using our top recommended program “Wealthy Affiliate”. I recommend it because it is free to start and the training is all available with that free account. The option to upgrade is only if you need advance features.

Try it without anything to lose by clicking on the image above. (Note this recommendation is the best I know after comparing with others. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to setup an online business today using Affiliate Marketing)

Let me know your feedback or if you have any questions about affiliate marketing or other ways to make money online. I’m more than happy to help you.

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