Building Your Online Business With More Joy and Less Pain

Persevere Joyfully.
No one feels totally comfortable. I say not a single one, not even those who have made it. Being uncomfortable and needed to overcome that pain is part of the business. It is because of the need to “cut through”. If this is what you love, persevere because persevering helps you cut through the crowd. Then you’ll get to the other side where only a few are left standing. That’s when you find a real niche in the market. It is a course correction for many who will drop out, but let it be a joyful persevering in the right path for you.
Cut The Loss And Start Again.
However on the other hand, if you know online business is your thing but you find it extremely hard going writing for the chosen niche, then allow me to say it. “Consider cutting the loss and start again”. It is comforting that through the tough times, you still believe in your online business. But if the issue is being in a niche you don’t love, it is better to do the hard work of cutting the loss, than to keep going. It will be a lot less pain in the long run.
Stick Through The Right Niche With The Right Routine.
Getting your niche right goes a long way. When you got the first part right, invest in a routine. It is the hardest thing to prioritise when there are so many things to look into. But if you are aware of yourself and what makes you YOU, you have a better shot at doing better. Are you a morning or an evening person? Do you like a quiet work environment or one with a little bit of noise? Know yourself and develop a daily routine that you can stick to. Research has told us that if something for a consistent 60 days, you develop an automatic habit. That habit of doing the right routine for your business is the routine for success.
The Right Routine Don’t Need To Be Just A Daily One.
A Weekly or a Monthly one Works As Well?
If you are finding a daily routine too limiting and doesn’t go with your type of entrepreneurial spirit, have a weekly or monthly one instead. But the routine here is a routine of review. Do a weekly or a monthly review to chart where are you and where is next place you want to be. It is imperative to review your progress against your goals. This is so you’ll have lesser pain of regret down the line.
Have Learning & Reading in your Routine.
Make your online business venture a personal growth project. As you develop to be an expert in your niche, have a routine of reading books, articles and learning from others. Read as many blogs of your similar niche either through articles, podcasts or videos. Don’t forget beyond the business side, to grow on your personal front. To be a great entrepreneur requires you to be a great person.
Systematise By Having Things Done In Batches.
I listened to a podcast a few days back.
It talks about how to overcome the problem of a site that is dying due to irregular and inconsistent generation of content. The straight answer to that is to do things in batches. The podcast propose writing several articles at a time. Do several videos in one shooting session. Spend the day commenting on the forums. Or do all the social media marketing at one go. Stocktake and critic your web design together etc. You get the idea! When work are batched, you end with products in batches. Then you have more room to play around with and you can release your content when its time in a consistent and regular fashion hence satisfying your site visitors of the content they crave. Whatever it is, develop a routine of doing things in batches.
Pain is your friend.
It’s an enemy at first. You get frustrated by it, you kick it and shout at it and you fight it with all your heart. Then you realise that after the pain, there’s always comfort and a new flow begin to emerge.
Your most creative ideas often come from a pain that spurs you towards a creative solution in your online business. I have made it a point to make pain my friend.
I will make it my friend but I will not try to change pain. Pain serves its purpose being what it is; a pain in our life that motivates us to do better. So building your online business with no pain is impossible but with less pain, we surely can.
I hope this post will help you navigate through your roadblocks in your online business. When you do that, you position yourself to build your online business with lesser pain.



My 10 years of IT consultancy across multiple discipline (including government, education, health and the non-profit sector) and also my 12 years in the service industry means I can help you champion your online business journey. I can help you develop yourself and your team to navigate your digital transformation.

4 thoughts on “Building Your Online Business With More Joy and Less Pain

  1. Nice post.
    The title caught my eye. “More joy and less pain”. I have to admit, your advice on having a routine is spot on. I Also agree that it makes sense to break things up, if nothing more than to keep things from getting too boring. I know social media can be a time suck and a rabbit trail if you’re not careful. What’s your recommendation for avoiding this trap?

    1. Thanks for the comment. I do understand that social media can be a double edged sword. It can be good and used to promote our online business and it can be bad in that it takes time away form productive work. I would recommend to put into routine in the later part of the day for using social media for socialising and the early part of your day for promoting your business. Whatever it is, a routine and sticking to it always works.

  2. Hi HT,
    A very successful job counselor advises clients to learn how they would break a large task into smaller jobs and explain the relationship of those smaller jobs to the overall mission. The thought is that if one understands the parts that make up the big job, one would find it easier to complete the job and answer any question an interviewer may have.

    I think this is related to your advise about doing tasks in batches. Sometimes when I think of all the things I have to do for my online business, it can get overwhelming.
    I think doing things in batches gives you a sense of accomplishment. This is important because one needs to feel he or she is going forward and not just spinning their wheels.

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