Build Your Website – Don’t Make it Rocket Science

Build a website?


No thank you! I don’t think I’m technical enough to do it.

You hear this almost instantly when someone is asked to build a website. I mean how would an average person who has no experience in building a website do it?

Well, truth be said, that it’s not as complex as you think? Nowadays building a website is easier than you think.  If you google “How to build a website” online, you’ll see countless of methods and ways to build a website.


However, there are still steps. 5 Steps, 7 Steps, 9 Steps, 11 Steps, Some offer 15 Steps!!

The simplest one I saw was 6 steps from the site know for simplifying life.

But their 6 steps still involve

1. Put your ideas together

2. Set a budget

3. Find and choose your domain name

4. Build your website (huh?)

5. Choose your web host

6. Market your website

And it’s still not straightforward with a budget needed, information what is this host and domain name and decision where to find one and later who will host the domain for them.

For the not so initiated, this is too broad and still too complex a thing to do. Notice that in step 4, it in itself is called “Build your website” to make one go back to square one on the issue at hand.

What if there’s an easier way? A much easier way? Something that is packaged for you that you just need to work on following the instructions step by step in a concise and clear way on Video.

When I was in university 20 over years ago, we learned how to built websites but it was a part of a course fee that costs thousands of dollars. Today it’s gazillion times simpler and faster and we can get it simply for free.

Wealthy Affiliate’s $0 no credit card needed starter membership allows one user to build 2 sites hosted by Siterubix.  That’s amazing simplicity and out of the world value.

If fact, I would like to show you a video training that happens within Wealthy Affiliate, our #1 Recommended program how one can build a website in under 30 seconds.

Yes, you heard it. It’s not a gimmick, it’s real life demonstration by Kyle, one of the founders of the program as proof to you now simple it is to follow a step by step process that an average person like you and me can do.

Click on the screen capture below. Enjoy

Thanks for checking out this content. Hope you learned heaps.

Make sure you drop a feedback or comment about how you build your website?

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My 10 years of IT consultancy across multiple discipline (including government, education, health and the non-profit sector) and also my 12 years in the service industry means I can help you champion your online business journey. I can help you develop yourself and your team to navigate your digital transformation.

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