Why Do I Say Online Business Is Easy?

I’m not an enterprise or a corporation. I’m just a regular person with years of experience working in IT and someone who likes to help.

The picture on the right is taken outside the university library last year when I brought my wife and kids to visit the place I spent 4 years pursuing an honours degree in Computer Science in Perth, Western Australia.

I graduated in 1993. That was a good 24 years ago.

Little did I know then what I know today. That it doesn’t take 4 years of university studies or tens of thousands dollars of school fees to learn how to start an online business.

How internet and technology came and changed our world? Today, if anyone wants to, a profitable online business can be achieved, if I may say 10 times easier and faster.

You may have read testimonies of lifestyle entrepreneurs who became millionaires and make earning money online look so easy.

Well, that is of course only partially true.

No! It is not easy because it takes a lot of hard work and grit for these people to be where they are, but

Yes! It is easy because compare to 10-20 years ago, this level of success and the speed in which it is achieved is technically so possible now.

Where you are and whoever you may be, if you are connected to the internet, it can be a reality.

I know you may be thinking, am I talking about some “Get-Rich-Quick” schemes?

No, I’ve better ethics than to recommend what I’m not 100% certain will benefit you.  So it’s far from a shiny product for making money fast.

I’m talking about an honest and ethical business with a solid internet marketing strategy.

It will be just like studying in the university to lay the foundation, only that it doesn’t take that long and with that exorbitant school fees.

There is no qualifications exams or admission requirement either.

All it takes is …
+ Some basic computer skills
+ Ability to follow step by step instructions (even if you have only an hour a day)
+ A heart of wanting to learn and grow through what it takes to start a new venture

“What about products to sell?” and “How about a big capital?”. I hear you ask.

Well, you don’t need any products to sell through the method of Affiliate Marketing that I will show you. And you’ll be surprised how little capital is required.

With some hard work and dedication plus a belief in this fact that Affiliate Marketing our recommended way is a growing and soon to be 6.8 billion dollar industry, everyone can make a personal online business possible.

It is not complicated and not just for geeks like me.

It’s down to knowing what to do and how to do it.

With the right guidance. I know it is practically 10 times easier, and 10 times faster for everyday people like you and me.


Here at the EASY ONLINE BUSINESS Club, I will show you how to start your online business with the right training that will give you 100% solid foundation in affiliate marketing. 

The best time to start is today.

Let’s begin with some questions you may have.


If you have other questions, do drop me a line and I’m more than glad to help.

Your friend,


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How to blog on the Internet?

I started online through blogging and I believe the entry point to the online world as a creator (and not consumer) is by starting a blog.  So if you are just begining, where do you start? How do you blog and make sure you have things to blog about on the internet?

Assuming you are not dealing with the technical aspect of starting a blog, here are some tips on how to blog on the internet.

Experience Life & Journal Offline

Before you start blogging, determine what you will be blogging about? If you are blogging about what is not authentic about who you are and what you like, then it’ll never be a blog worth anything to others. But if you blog about what you enjoy and are currently practicing, then you should blog should be about those experiences. When you blog about photography when you are taking photos everyday or about guitars when you play, “Journalling offline” about your experiences matter. Before you go behind the screen to blog, you need to record your experiences. I’m not sure if everyone does it but from many blogs I read, I doubt that everyone blog about what is authentic experience in their own lives. You can be different and experience life first before blogging about it.

Blog Experiences That Will Help Others

Having first-hand experience about what you write about is fantastic. But if you want a successful blog where there is a real audience, you have to write to help them. They don’t just want to know that some celebration or mishap that happens to you. They want to know why are you telling them that. And how can they benefit or learn from what you have gone through. The human soul is always going to ask “So, what?” and “What’s in it for me?”. Write about experiences will help people identify with what you are going through. Then write about the solution to some problems you have resolved. This will help people care about what you write. So blog what will help others.

Find a Great Headline Using The Keyword Tool

When you already know the content to write about, get into finding out what is the best headline that will be an instant attention grabber. The title “How to play basketball” is not going to be more awesome than “How to fly like Michael Jordan when you play basketball?”. Thereafter it is essential to use a Keyword research tool such as Jaaxy (Our #1 recommended premium research tool) to find out if there are people using these keywords or terms to search for a solution to their problem. This is important because a great headline without keywords or terms that actual people are searching for is futile to reach an audience.

Get a free copy of Sean Desouza of Pyschotactics’s “Why Headlines Fail?”

Write In a Manner That Is Readable

There are many great writers who write in great lengths. And that’s not enough. Break your content into paragraphs with sub headings, so that the post will not appear to be like a sea of text where readers get lost. Pictures also help to break the monotony of content heavy post and encourage people to read longer as well as more.

Practice writing in a way that is readable. You see what I’m doing?

Write As If  Talking To One Person Not As School Homework

Another area that adds to readability is to write to an”avatar” or a real life person that you know. It helps us move away from writing for information to writing for connection. If you write as if talking to a friend or person sitting opposite you, you will connect more beyond the heavy technical words you tend to use in your writing. The training we get when we were young doing research homework contributes to this lack of skill writing for people rather than grades.

Write In a Manner That Is Interesting

Write using a variety of ways. Stories, anecdote, parables, quotes and most important stories. We are connected through stories. Whether big eventful ones or small personal testimonial kind, it helps to make it interesting for our readers. I always remember having one story and one point in a post communicates better than many facts presented accurately.

How to blog on the internet is really not that difficult if you think about it. While there are many technical articles and information online about this subject, nothing is better than just learning to relate to a friend and understand that blogging is just like having a conversation. And it is key to know what you are going to say can somehow help him/her in an aspect of life and solve his/her problem.

I know a good platform that will train us to blog. Wealthy Affiliate (our #1 recommended online blogging Academy) not only teaches us to write easy blog posts but it teaches us how to turn a blog into an online business as well. As a blogger who started early and then went on a hiatus for 10 years, I found it so easy to pick up blogging again through this academy and not only start it again but use it to generate revenue so that I can cover the cost of domain and hosting.

The STARTER ACCOUNT in Wealthy Affiliate is FREE. With it, it is sufficient to start 2 blog with hosting without spending a penny. There’s no credit card needed so there’s nothing to lose.

Give it a go by clicking here and let me know what you think?

What do you do in a Changing Business World?

Jobs will be replaced by systems

Traditional businesses will not survive

Old mindsets will not create new customers

“So what do you do in an ever changing business world?”


Imagine …

.. the base of people who buy from you or follow you is now 5.7 million (based on population in Singapore), …. but after 1 month, sky rocket to 7,500 million (based on population of the world)?

.. You overcoming your fear of getting left behind because you took action earlier than others?

… And for you who have not started, you could EASILY START THE ONLINE BUSINESS you always wanted to.  Did it FAST and with a SMALL STARTUP COST.

Now, what future will it give you and your business?

The world is changing and the best time to take ACTION is NOW.

Why me?

I have 10-15 years of IT Consultancy in various sector including Education, Health, Government and Non-Profit.

I served as a kids pastor for 12 years. I’m friendly and use little jargon in my consultancy.

I’m 100% dedicated to software, hardware and human-ware. I have built systems that work and thrive after I’m gone. I have online applications that work and generate results (and some still in operation after 10 years). I have turned a 2 volunteer team organisation to one with committed teams in one decade.

I can build a website that goes up in 1 hour and a whole business with all the systems in place in 1 month that not only works now but thrive for the future. Click for more information About HT. In summary, I can bring you something that works for your situation.

I can help you take action in 3 Ways

Convert Your Business Into An Online Busines

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(According to your Passion)

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Come and discuss with me your business needs.

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Online Business Made Easy For Beginners

Our club’s name is Easy Online Business. Many people asked me why is it termed “easy”. Acknowledging that building an online business isn’t an easy task, I’m not surprised by the question.

However, I want to shed some light on this matter.

First of all, nothing is easy. There’s no occupation that pays us money that is easy. Money doesn’t come to us without work, effort and dedication, so to term any occupation easy isn’t going to be true also.

But isn’t it valid to say that while no job is easy but every job can be made easy?

Having said that, in my 20 years of experience working in various industry, I know that online business can be made easy because of many factors that we have today unlike many years ago.  It is because of these factors that Easy Online Business Club is setup.

We truly believe in the online strategy of doing business using affiliate marketing. And all the more, we are passionate about it because of the following factor of how an Online Business can be made easy:

It doesn’t take 4 years of university & tens of thousands of school fee to start an online business.

A business doesn’t need a physical shop where people travel to, it can be a virtual shop where people surf the net to get to.

An affiliate marketing online business means you can sell products you do not have. And when someone buy something, you don’t need to deliver it.

It’s now a billion dollar per year industry and it proves that e-commerce is the way to do and that people do buy things online.

Many people have done it and are successful in it, so there is a trail given to us.

There’s an affordable academy where you learn to do this step by step and it includes hosting, training, step by step training, community and school support and all the latest trend update so that any layman can do it.

We truly believe in the online strategy of doing business using affiliate marketing. And all the more, we are passionate about it because of the above factors of how an Online Business can be made easy. If someone would have started this 10 years ago, he or she would have been successful by now, but it’s not too late, there’re stats and figures to predict that people shopping online aren’t going to go away, so don’t wait, take action now and begin your journey here at our club.

7 Things To Do When You Are Feeling Stuck In Your Business

Feeling stuck and don’t know how to proceed? Maybe there are times that it felt easier to quit than to go on. But don’t despair. This happens to the best of business people. And without these setbacks, there won’t be much of successes either. So turn on the bright side of life and try these 7 things.

1. Rest & Find Ways To Recharge

Sometimes we want to quit because we are tired. And I mean literally tired. So go get rest. Take a day off and sleep as much as you can. Then after you have fully rested, find ways you can recharge yourself constantly. These maybe a hobby or interest such as exercising, playing the guitar, swimming or hiking. I have recently started hiking as a way of recharging myself and its proven to be an excellent way.

As a Christian, I practice the Sabbath, which is a day I rest and don’t do any work. Having regular (weekly, monthly, yearly) breaks makes sure we last the race.

2. Reprioritize

Being in the rut may mean that you have through time develop wrong priorities. Maybe due to our courtesy or niceness, we have accepted more jobs than we can possibly handle. And to make it worse, most of these jobs aren’t even jobs. More favors than anything else. And the time taken to try to juggle all these has taken a toll on you.

Now maybe its time to repriortise. A great simple way to do this is easy. Just list out the things that we do. Our task at hand will usually be listed according to the level of urgency and importance because it comes to mind quickly than the rest. Having had this list and looking at it (the top 5 things especially), relist them.

If you only had time to do 10 this week, which will it be? If 5 then which will have to go. And what if you should only do 3, which gets the top priority.

Relist your list and relook at it. Then get a clearer perspective if your stuckness is really necessary.

3. Change your routine

This may sound like point number 2 to repriotise. But 2 is about repriortising your task but 3 here is about time. Changing your routine is about changing how you use your time. What are you doing in your routine that isn’t contributing to your re-prioritised list? Well if there is, think about changing your routine so your routine covers your prioritised list first.

For example, if writing, marketing and networking is your top 3 things. Makes sure they are scheduled into your daily or weekly calendar first before anything else. Leave the leftover times for other things in your lower priority list.

4. Find People To Work With

We usually feel most depressed when we are isolated. We are disconnected from things we care about or people that care. A great way to get out of that is really to go out and find people who work with. Partner someone in a project. Get a paid volunteer into your business. Barter trade by exchanging skills in whatever that needs to be done in your office.

If you can’t find a physical person, maybe engaging someone online to do a graphic or writing work will work too. I enjoy outsourcing some of my art work to Fiverr.com and other freelancing sites. It always makes me feel that I’m not alone and there’s someone who cares to work with or in this case for you.

5. Delegate

Delegate some work to someone else. This is in the same spirit of overcoming disconnection as point 4 but this is more in the context of you already have people in your team or hired hands. We get overwhelm sometimes because there’s too much work to do for one person who have only so many hours to spare in your schedule. Delegating is about doing what you are good and enjoy doing and then outsource what you are not so good or enjoyable to others. It’s not call job dumping if who you selected to delegate it to is someone who’s different from you who are really good and enjoy what you do not.

Delegating is one of the key ways to build a team. I have worked in a non profit organisation starting with only 2 teams. At the end my stay, there’s around 50 over teams, all doing different roles in the organisation. All this is an attestment to the power of delegating. So learn to delegate to avoid stuckness in your businesss.

6. Don’t Quit (And Finding A Better Way)

I remember someone ever shared with me the key to overcome the negatives in our lives is not to quit. Duh! I know but seriously the way to overcome is to last longer than the devil. If we develop a persistence of falling down and picking ourselves up. No tiredness, lethargy, stuckness can stop us from moving forward. Don’t quit also needs another strategy of finding another way. Adjusting how we do things helps us not quit and break us out of our stuckness better than anything else. So invest in not quitting and finding a better way.

7. Change Your Mindset About A Business

The last but certainly not the least …. Change your mindset about your business. Is it a business for you to get by? Make do? Only get a pay check? or is it a business that helps to change lives. If you can change your mindset about your product and your business and turn it into the “WHY” in what you do. You’ll certaintly be able to overcome your stuckness because purpose breed energy and the better your purpose is, the more the energy is given to you to go on.

So beyond everything else, CHANGE YOUR MINDSET. Your business is life transforming and what you sell makes a difference to the people and the world we live in.

Hope you enjoy these 7 ways how to do when you feel stuck in your business. Yes it happens to the best of us, but the best of us has great strategies. God bless you for your leadership and life.

Success Leaves A Trail, So Start Learning

One of the joy of growing as an entrepreneur is learning. Where learning is not enjoyed, it is likely because we are conditioned that learning can only happen in the classroom where information was perhaps forced upon you. So people have this notion that learning is hard, boring and irrelevant.

However, in the entrepreneur journey, learning is different.  We learn what we need to learn. Unlike in the classroom where learning is turned into knowledge, the entrepreneur’s learning is turned into practice.

If we know that success leaves a trail (if we don’t, we should), one of our daily goal should be to find out these questions.  Pursue success by discovering “What’s One Thing Revealed To Me Today” so that at the end of the day, you can encapsulate “What Is One Thing I Learned & Practiced Today”.

Here are 3 Trails where these questions can be found

The Trail of Successful People

In the course of what I did before this venture of leaving my job and doing this freelance, I was fortunate to be in an environment where I was surrounded by successful people. Having been around people of success makes me a success. The download from such people is precious and cannot be gained anywhere else.

However having successful people around cannot be taken for granted. Though I had it by default but I still look for other successful people to relate to. Asking someone for lunch or a specified amount of time to ask them questions is a habit that I cherish a lot.

Just last week, I was with someone who has done what I’m doing 3 years ago. It was the best hour in my week as I learned so much of what he has done to get to where he is today. Success leaves a trail and it’s with other successful people.


The Trail of Good Books

My last post was about books and its no surprise that the trail of Good Books is high on my list of where success can be found. Yes, its not all the time that you get to spend time with Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Michael Jordan or Mahatma Gandhi but you can spend time with the words and wisdom that they care enough to pen down for you.

Go to the library, check out some good books. Ask other people for good books that they have read, borrow from them. Go to the bookstore, buy some. Subscribe to an audio book service.

Whatever way you can access books, spending time reading just 10 minutes a day makes a whole lot of difference to the level of success you can enjoy. I used to consume books like I shower but today we have other distractions like social media, it’s more challenging to sit down with a book for 10 minutes. But we have to.  Success leaves a trail in books like nothing else can.

I spend time reading the Bible as my spiritual nourishment is key to the success in what I do. There’s no word like God’s Word and its where I find a lot of “What Is Revealed To Me Today”. On top of that, its always books about leadership, success and spiritual direction.

The Trail of Inspiration within You

Now don’t underestimate this thing called inspiration. If you invest in yourself to give yourself quiet time to reflect and think, inspiration will come and tell you what you need to know and do. Often in the state of relaxation or right after an exercise. Sometimes it happens in my sleep where inspiration comes knocking. And when it does, make sure you have a note book beside you to write it down.

Often this voice from heaven comes to us to tell us the right path to take. Listening to it has caused more success in my work than anything else can. But before we rely on inspiration doing all the work, its important to prepare ourselves for it by reading a lot of books and hanging around a lot of successful people. Often this inspiration within us nudges us and tell us in a little moment something that we have learned before from a book or someone else.

There we have it, the 3 trails where success likes to leave a trail. What is yours? I would like to know so if you could kindly leave a comment, I will appreciate it.

Good Books To Help You Start An Online Business

If we neglect to read, we neglect to succeed in our online business. One of the most fun aspects of running my own business is make reading an everyday activity in the journey.

Reading 20 minutes a day makes a difference to switch our mind from concern to courage. Having a different frame of mind through reading is a great way to kick us out of our rut.

Convinced that reading is good for you but where do you start? They are so many. So here are some great recommendations for every step of the way:

Step 1: Finding Our Niche

Step 2: Build Your Website

Step 3: Grow Your Audience

Step 4: Earn A Revenue

There are also a lot of free resources on the internet that you can find. The one that I follow is Sean Desouza’s Psychotactics.  I love it and I read it regularly. Whatever it is, the key thing is to get into the habit of reading and hence learning.

The path of being an online entrepreneur requires you to work on yourself. And that is not a bad thing because if life is not about progress and improving ourselves every day, then what is it about?

What are some of the books that helped you in your journey?


If you are just starting and needed an everything in one learning platform that hand hold you every step of the way, check out our #1 recommendation.

Building Your Online Business With More Joy and Less Pain

Persevere Joyfully.
No one feels totally comfortable. I say not a single one, not even those who have made it. Being uncomfortable and needed to overcome that pain is part of the business. It is because of the need to “cut through”. If this is what you love, persevere because persevering helps you cut through the crowd. Then you’ll get to the other side where only a few are left standing. That’s when you find a real niche in the market. It is a course correction for many who will drop out, but let it be a joyful persevering in the right path for you.
Cut The Loss And Start Again.
However on the other hand, if you know online business is your thing but you find it extremely hard going writing for the chosen niche, then allow me to say it. “Consider cutting the loss and start again”. It is comforting that through the tough times, you still believe in your online business. But if the issue is being in a niche you don’t love, it is better to do the hard work of cutting the loss, than to keep going. It will be a lot less pain in the long run.
Stick Through The Right Niche With The Right Routine.
Getting your niche right goes a long way. When you got the first part right, invest in a routine. It is the hardest thing to prioritise when there are so many things to look into. But if you are aware of yourself and what makes you YOU, you have a better shot at doing better. Are you a morning or an evening person? Do you like a quiet work environment or one with a little bit of noise? Know yourself and develop a daily routine that you can stick to. Research has told us that if something for a consistent 60 days, you develop an automatic habit. That habit of doing the right routine for your business is the routine for success.
The Right Routine Don’t Need To Be Just A Daily One.
A Weekly or a Monthly one Works As Well?
If you are finding a daily routine too limiting and doesn’t go with your type of entrepreneurial spirit, have a weekly or monthly one instead. But the routine here is a routine of review. Do a weekly or a monthly review to chart where are you and where is next place you want to be. It is imperative to review your progress against your goals. This is so you’ll have lesser pain of regret down the line.
Have Learning & Reading in your Routine.
Make your online business venture a personal growth project. As you develop to be an expert in your niche, have a routine of reading books, articles and learning from others. Read as many blogs of your similar niche either through articles, podcasts or videos. Don’t forget beyond the business side, to grow on your personal front. To be a great entrepreneur requires you to be a great person.
Systematise By Having Things Done In Batches.
I listened to a podcast a few days back.
It talks about how to overcome the problem of a site that is dying due to irregular and inconsistent generation of content. The straight answer to that is to do things in batches. The podcast propose writing several articles at a time. Do several videos in one shooting session. Spend the day commenting on the forums. Or do all the social media marketing at one go. Stocktake and critic your web design together etc. You get the idea! When work are batched, you end with products in batches. Then you have more room to play around with and you can release your content when its time in a consistent and regular fashion hence satisfying your site visitors of the content they crave. Whatever it is, develop a routine of doing things in batches.
Pain is your friend.
It’s an enemy at first. You get frustrated by it, you kick it and shout at it and you fight it with all your heart. Then you realise that after the pain, there’s always comfort and a new flow begin to emerge.
Your most creative ideas often come from a pain that spurs you towards a creative solution in your online business. I have made it a point to make pain my friend.
I will make it my friend but I will not try to change pain. Pain serves its purpose being what it is; a pain in our life that motivates us to do better. So building your online business with no pain is impossible but with less pain, we surely can.
I hope this post will help you navigate through your roadblocks in your online business. When you do that, you position yourself to build your online business with lesser pain.


How To Easily Create A Website

You want an online business, you need a website.

Yes a website is the shop for your business in the cyber space. It’s such an important element of your business so it sits rightfully up there in the space of concerned mind. Yes, I agree a website sounds like a tough thing to have, so you want to know how to easily create a website.

When we visit an attractive and wonderful website, our self esteem gets hit

We do don’t we. Especially when you stumbled upon one that has been established for decades and has have hundreds of people involved and another thousands of hours of work put into it. Well, its not fair. You can’t compare an huge IKEA warehouse shop with your outlet at the down at the corner street of your little small suburb. Another thing that throws you off guard is the opinion that it takes a beautiful attractive Vogue kind of website to be successful.

But a business is not built on style but it is on trust.

This is a fact that surprised me when I started but very soon found truth to. Yes its true between big and sincere that I will buy from sincere. I will go with whom I trust more.  If the price and quality of both products is the same. I know I’ll get it from who is real, sincere and trustworthy. Trust is based on if the person is who he/she says he/she is. Now, that’s a big relief that I don’t need fancy. I just need to be myself.

Start with the most essential things, content & your brand

Authenticity builds trust, so the best way is to brand yourself as authentically YOURSELF. Sounds easy? But its actually not. Not many people know who they are. They spend a lot of time listening to other people assess them, they forgot what wonderful entrepreneurial creatures they are. They are entrepreneurial based on basically who they are and how God has wired them up to be. So if an authentic self is a brand, then build the website around that and trust can be cultivated through time.

So now, the new goal is how to easily create a website that is built around trust. The new goal needs us to write content that we are comfortable to write. No, we don’t need to know everything, we have room to learn along the way. The beauty of it is that because we have chosen to be ourself, we write the things that resonant with us. For example, if you like photography, write about photography. Or if you are a success driven person, write about success. If you someone who loves to teach, write about teaching or education. Content is built upon our passion.

With your brand and the right content, you are well on your way of beginning the journey.

Seriously, you still need to build the darn website.

You can get websites built for free. Wealthy Affiliate allows you to build 2 website based on WordPress and hosted on Siterubix over their free account. Not only that they allow you learn how to build the whole online business based on affiliate marketing free. There is a video about how to build a website in 30 seconds that I like to show you. It’s done before your eyes in 30 seconds. This will show you if this way is a good fit for you when you launch your website and join the club.


There is no best time to start than NOW

Most of us want to start an online business but only some of us are able to take that leap. It is so because its believed to be a big leap that it’ll cost a lot of money and a lot of skills is required. What our Club has done is to recommend the easiest way using a proven platform that has brought success to many. So I really do want to encourage you to give our #1 Recommendation a try.

It’s free for 2 sites with Siterubix domain  or its $49 per month for unlimited own customised domain once you want to commit to do it for long term. I have researched and found out this is the most cost efficient and effective way to start.

I currently have a package where I’ll include 2 bonuses for you. #1) I will help you design a simple logo to start you off and then within a month #2) I will help you redress your website so that it will look more organised. My gift is to help (see my profile) and I’ll be more than happy to coach you along in this journey. When you sign up look for “hthiew”.

Hey, do drop me a comment with any questions or queries you may have about starting your online business. I’ll get back to you seriously within a day! And I read all my comments.