About HT

There are so many you can go to for help. So why me?

I am an Bachelor of Science (with double major in Information Technology and Computer Science) graduate from University of Western Australia and equipped with 10 years working experience in professional IT.

I have consulted in the diverse sections such as education, health, defence and non profit sector. Some of my projects were multi-million dollar government projects to develop state of the art online applications in Ministry of Defence, Education and Health Science Authority.

I was also 12 years in the people industry

I was a children pastor in a mega church working with families, youth to run mentoring programs for 500 over kids. My volunteer team to grew from 2 teams to 50 teams in my tenure there. I know people.

So I know both technology and people and I can help you move beyond cold technology into one that people get connected and want to use.

Since 30 June 2017, I have stepped out to become a full-time online entrepreneur.

I left so that I can put in 100% dedication to my online businesses and at the same time, dedicated to help people like you succeed.

Having worked with both with IT and people in the church, I’m a firm believer of people technology. The technology has to be robust and works for our business. And not only should the system be good, but it should also be made easy so that its’ not more complicated than it already is.

It should be child-like easy to start.

I started EASY ONLINE BUSINESS CLUB to help people start their online business on a robust system in the easiest possible way. And more importantly, I make sure it is a way that WORKS.

My 22 years of working experience have led me to have little tolerance of scams or systems that do not work. I know what it means to put hope on things that don’t work. Because many online businesses fail, I will go against what is common and consider the practice of truly successful people. I’m full-time doing this now (since June 2017) so I’m dedicated to helping you overcome your challenges from Starting Your Website To Monetizing It. My steps are simple.

I Also Have A Success Process That Works And Fine Tuned For 20 Years.

My proven system has been used and fine-tuned in all the ventures in all the fields I’ve been successful in. From Information Technology, Corporate Systems, Community Work and my own family (I am happily married for 19 years and I have 3 ‘well-adjusted’ teenagers).  I don’t believe in just information. I believe in skills and life experience to build strong process in each of these areas. I have today refined my DREAM PROCESS to make it as robust as it can be for over 20 years. It has proven to work time and time again and I’m passing it all to you for free.

With the right system and right people to help you, you’ll be surprised that starting your online business is easier than you think.

If you still have challenges, do check out the top common concerns that hold you back from starting. Otherwise, let’s get started in this good place to start.

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But, if you just want to connect, FB is a good place. LinkedIn is too. Or just drop me a line on my website hthiew.com. Share with me your dream and we can journey from there.

I’ll be more than glad to help.

Social Entrepreneur, Speaker-Trainer, Orphan Advocate.
Co founder of non-profit SongKids.org.