7 Things To Do When You Are Feeling Stuck In Your Business

Feeling stuck and don’t know how to proceed? Maybe there are times that it felt easier to quit than to go on. But don’t despair. This happens to the best of business people. And without these setbacks, there won’t be much of successes either. So turn on the bright side of life and try these 7 things.

1. Rest & Find Ways To Recharge

Sometimes we want to quit because we are tired. And I mean literally tired. So go get rest. Take a day off and sleep as much as you can. Then after you have fully rested, find ways you can recharge yourself constantly. These maybe a hobby or interest such as exercising, playing the guitar, swimming or hiking. I have recently started hiking as a way of recharging myself and its proven to be an excellent way.

As a Christian, I practice the Sabbath, which is a day I rest and don’t do any work. Having regular (weekly, monthly, yearly) breaks makes sure we last the race.

2. Reprioritize

Being in the rut may mean that you have through time develop wrong priorities. Maybe due to our courtesy or niceness, we have accepted more jobs than we can possibly handle. And to make it worse, most of these jobs aren’t even jobs. More favors than anything else. And the time taken to try to juggle all these has taken a toll on you.

Now maybe its time to repriortise. A great simple way to do this is easy. Just list out the things that we do. Our task at hand will usually be listed according to the level of urgency and importance because it comes to mind quickly than the rest. Having had this list and looking at it (the top 5 things especially), relist them.

If you only had time to do 10 this week, which will it be? If 5 then which will have to go. And what if you should only do 3, which gets the top priority.

Relist your list and relook at it. Then get a clearer perspective if your stuckness is really necessary.

3. Change your routine

This may sound like point number 2 to repriotise. But 2 is about repriortising your task but 3 here is about time. Changing your routine is about changing how you use your time. What are you doing in your routine that isn’t contributing to your re-prioritised list? Well if there is, think about changing your routine so your routine covers your prioritised list first.

For example, if writing, marketing and networking is your top 3 things. Makes sure they are scheduled into your daily or weekly calendar first before anything else. Leave the leftover times for other things in your lower priority list.

4. Find People To Work With

We usually feel most depressed when we are isolated. We are disconnected from things we care about or people that care. A great way to get out of that is really to go out and find people who work with. Partner someone in a project. Get a paid volunteer into your business. Barter trade by exchanging skills in whatever that needs to be done in your office.

If you can’t find a physical person, maybe engaging someone online to do a graphic or writing work will work too. I enjoy outsourcing some of my art work to Fiverr.com and other freelancing sites. It always makes me feel that I’m not alone and there’s someone who cares to work with or in this case for you.

5. Delegate

Delegate some work to someone else. This is in the same spirit of overcoming disconnection as point 4 but this is more in the context of you already have people in your team or hired hands. We get overwhelm sometimes because there’s too much work to do for one person who have only so many hours to spare in your schedule. Delegating is about doing what you are good and enjoy doing and then outsource what you are not so good or enjoyable to others. It’s not call job dumping if who you selected to delegate it to is someone who’s different from you who are really good and enjoy what you do not.

Delegating is one of the key ways to build a team. I have worked in a non profit organisation starting with only 2 teams. At the end my stay, there’s around 50 over teams, all doing different roles in the organisation. All this is an attestment to the power of delegating. So learn to delegate to avoid stuckness in your businesss.

6. Don’t Quit (And Finding A Better Way)

I remember someone ever shared with me the key to overcome the negatives in our lives is not to quit. Duh! I know but seriously the way to overcome is to last longer than the devil. If we develop a persistence of falling down and picking ourselves up. No tiredness, lethargy, stuckness can stop us from moving forward. Don’t quit also needs another strategy of finding another way. Adjusting how we do things helps us not quit and break us out of our stuckness better than anything else. So invest in not quitting and finding a better way.

7. Change Your Mindset About A Business

The last but certainly not the least …. Change your mindset about your business. Is it a business for you to get by? Make do? Only get a pay check? or is it a business that helps to change lives. If you can change your mindset about your product and your business and turn it into the “WHY” in what you do. You’ll certaintly be able to overcome your stuckness because purpose breed energy and the better your purpose is, the more the energy is given to you to go on.

So beyond everything else, CHANGE YOUR MINDSET. Your business is life transforming and what you sell makes a difference to the people and the world we live in.

Hope you enjoy these 7 ways how to do when you feel stuck in your business. Yes it happens to the best of us, but the best of us has great strategies. God bless you for your leadership and life.


My 10 years of IT consultancy across multiple discipline (including government, education, health and the non-profit sector) and also my 12 years in the service industry means I can help you champion your online business journey. I can help you develop yourself and your team to navigate your digital transformation.

8 thoughts on “7 Things To Do When You Are Feeling Stuck In Your Business

  1. I agree, don’t quit just rest.In fact I’m becoming a professional rester between writing and learning. I rest daily sometimes all day if I want. But then I did work 30 years for “The Man”. These are good tips!

  2. Hi HT,

    Your article is nice to read. Thank you for giving us advice what to do when our head is everywhere. Life nowadays is so confusing, destructing and stressful that we always need help how to get back on track. I like #7 though… That’s the hardest thing to do, but once we able to changed our mindset, it will bring us light and direction. I read something about changing your employee’s mind to a millionaire’s mind and yeah… it needs everyday practice. Maybe we just need to stay focused and hold our patience. Great job HT.

    1. Thank you. Indeed it’s a “every day practice” to tell your soul, you’re already rich. So you can go ahead and changes some lives.

  3. Wow! Thank you for these, seriously. I would always hear people tell me things like, “Work non-stop until you hit your goals”. And I get it, but they never actually explained why it’s so important.

    The very FIRST tip you shared about resting, Definitely hit home. At times, I still feel like I could be doing something each minute to build my business to help lol

    Which brings up the point you made about Re-prioritizing.
    Never realized until now, how much these play a part in the entire process of getting unstuck.

    Clearly see I have to change my mindset about business!
    I’m going to literally apply each step all over again lol

    Just to make sure I’m doing things right 🙂

    Thank you!!

  4. Hi O’HT

    Great post and thank you kindly for these tips!

    Noticed when I’m too tired there is little motivation to do anything but when rested well, I am inspired to take action and work again.

    Changing routine can often help us optimize our time management, we should test what works best and increases productivity because time is so precious when you doing 100 things at once as an entrepreneur 🙂

    I would just add that one should always find ways to stay positive and motivated in order to constantly drive their business forward in the right direction.

    Best regards,

    1. Thanks Kamil for your comment. Yes, that’s a good one about having to stay positive and motivated constantly. And there’s a way to do it beyond all the advice we often get. That is to acknowledge that we are feeling negative first before effectively turning it around. Often we force ourselves to be positive 100% of the time which is not realistic.

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