Starting An Easy Online Business

Have you considered starting an online business but wondered if you are too old?
Or too young? Or you just don’t know enough to do it?

Have you been promised with great results but left confused and scammed in the end? Have you tried too many times, hit the brick walls and now fear that you’ll fail another time?

If your answer is YES to any of this, then you would want to read this.

If you are like most people, you’ll find that after you take the first step to begin, you will quickly enter into a state of confusion.

Endless jargons about SEOs, mailing lists, PPC, Adsense, https and all these foreign terms just overwhelms you.

That’s why I’m HERE.

I want to help you sort out what is the easiest way to help you get started.

I know because I have spent 10 years in the IT industry before another 12 years in a non-profit industry to help people succeed.

I have been involved website development from small business applications to multi-million dollars government websites and I’m here to help you.

Since the online small business started to blossom and I got myself involved in it, I’ve learned and experienced so much. Yes, I’ve encountered by many products that will sideline you. Because of this lucrative industry, illegitimate products with promises of quick solutions floods the market.

From my experience and knowledge of the industry, I know a bad product when I see one. And I have spent a lot of time analysing them and sorting out the good from the bad ones.

It’s sad to say that many of them are over promising get rich quick schemes that just doesn’t work.

So I’ve learned to try something before I pay for it.

That’s why on, you will see that I only recommend what I can have either completely free or free to try before I pay.

Like an Apple store where before you buy an iPad, a Macbook or the latest iPhone, you get to test it out before you buy. If you are happy, you will buy but if the product falls short of your expectation, you’ll not consider it before walking out of the store.

This is exactly what I recommend you, to do. To demand to try the services and products you get yourself into. Test it, give yourself a look inside, touch and feel it before you give your hard earned money on it. I truly want to get you into a successful online business program that really works and I want to get you in it for FREE.

If I asked you what is the greatest hindrance to you starting your online business? What will it be? Is it not having enough knowledge to build the business and you are fearful to try? Is it the fear of failure? What are you afraid of?

In fact, I found out that the 3 most common mistake that online businesses fail is this.

1) They Don’t Have Someone To Help Them

Web businesses are really not something you want to venture into alone. Just like anything else, it is better to have people around you who knows how to do it work alongside you. 2 is better than one. How about 5, 10, 50? How about a whole community of people who have gone ahead of you guiding you along. You should expect a community of people to journey with you.

2) They Don’t Have Their Own Website

Without your own website, it just doesn’t work. Many times we have been navigated to do it without our own website. I could safely tell you, it just doesn’t work. You’ll end up being paid little but who actually own those websites.  What if you get not one but 2 websites with hosting free of charge?

3) They Don’t Regularly Learn & Practice

Unfortunately, without learning, you are not going to be able to do something. You may be able to start it but you will not go very far. You’ll need training. Not only training but being able to properly practice as you are being trained. The opportunity to practice as you learn is critical to successful learning the ropes of the trade. Not many places allow you to do it but I know one, that does it amazingly well.

When you were a child, learning to swim or ride a bike, your parents helped you diligently giving you steps to succeed and when you fall, ways to get up and going again. The guidance and support helped you. Through training, motivation and seeing you learn to be able to do it naturally without help.

You probably see what I’m trying to say here.

I believe in order to succeed it’s easy when you have the right help ; a website and effective training to get you there.

One product that we have reviewed, get top marks for the 3 things I mentioned. Wealthy affiliate is really the platform to get the right help, build your website fast and has an excellent training program.

I don’t recommend products easily but this one really fare high marks. Here’s a link to the review I’ve done and my honest take on it.

My Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate

An Unbelievable Value Starter Membership

The good thing about this is that it has a free starter membership so you can try it for free. With just the starter membership, you will get these amazing value TOTALLY free of charge

  • Personal Support and Help
  • Help within a community of 10,000 users
  • Live Chat Support
  • Ongoing topical discussions from expert practitioners
  • 2 Free Websites fully functional websites
  • Ready to make money online
  • Training Galore with video classes.
  • Tutorials and Courses
  • Entire Classrooms

All these for $0 with no credit card required.

It seems crazy and It really is.

I didn’t believe it until I signed up and tried it.

There is a Premium option that you can consider that will give you WAY MORE but the Starter option will give you enough to get your web business going. So try it without anything to lose.

As shown below in the screen capture, choose the Starter $0 per month option and instantly get access to this.

When you are in, look me up so I can personally guide and coach you along (Userid: hthiew) And if you have questions, please drop me a line below in the comments box  I’m more than pleased to help you get started.

Your friend,

Still unsure because you feel that “It’s too late?

I don’t have enough capital?

I have nothing to sell?

5 thoughts on “Starting An Easy Online Business

  1. Hi Hthiew very clean looking site. You have great information here. I have a few questions. Have you used the community at WA if so What was your experience? Have you ever felt stuck and how did you find answers to get help? If I were to join would you be there to help me a long the way?

    1. Thank you Bill. My experience in Wealthy Affiliate (WA) has been great. I now personally build all my online businesses with this community. I active help others as the whole community would but I will personally help you with any questions or areas where you are stuck with. Just look me up (userid: hthiew). The testimony of the good of this platform is that you are never left alone and as with any business we run, getting stuck and demotivated can be common but in WA, I’ve never be discouraged for too long. I’m always up in no time. I love this and I know you will too.

  2. I think the word “Simple” would have been much better fitting than “easy”
    Bulding an online business is a simple proccess when you really get down to it, but it’s hardly easy. Sure, some people luck out, but most of us have to work a lot for our success.
    That being said, I really think you hit the nail on the head with WA – nice going!

    Cheers, Vlad!

    1. Thank you for the recommendation. Would love to make it both simple and easy. It’s easy when we remove all the things that are not necessary and make starting an online business not any harder than it already is. Wealthy Affiliate helps to do that.

  3. I’ve been deceitfully trapped a few times by online scams, their crafty advertising draws you into their fold promising overnight riches for doing very little. Once you submit your bank details the true nature of their business unfolds, you’re usually subject to ongoing up-sells and huge advertising costs which they conveniently forgot to mention before you joined then it’s difficult to escape the contract.

    I can usually tell a scam nowadays simply by reading the way their language promotes their business along with a preview of their web-page, if they’re presenting flashy cars, wondrous homes and paradise beaches – move on.

    Like you mention, if you’re lucky to come across a company offering a free ‘try before you buy’ package, their reasons are to promote how genuine and legitimate their business operates – nothing’s hidden, besides having the time to work out whether this is the type of business you would like to be involved in, how much help & support they provide and whether their training suits your style.

    After that, if you can cancel your contract at any time – what have you got to lose?

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